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  • Sunday, 22 Dec 2019

The interns posing for a group shot with a horror house worker in Genting Highlands.

RECENTLY, seven of our BRATs interns made a day trip to Genting Highlands for some rip-roaring fun. Read on to find out what three of them have to say about their visits to The Void, a virtual reality (VR) attraction, and The Train to Busan Horror House, courtesy of Resorts World Genting (RWG).

This feature is a continuation of last week’s coverage on the interns’ experiences at RWG’s Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, and brand new SkyVR.

Most fulfilling ‘void’

The Void was my favourite of all the attractions I experienced in Genting Highlands. Who wouldn’t want to fight giant robots with the Avengers, see Doctor Strange up close, drive an escape pod straight out of Black Panther, and shoot laser beams from their palms?

While on the Avengers: Damage Control mission, I felt like a superhero fighting off the baddies, even though I am the least physically fit person I know. Everything felt so real – from the ticklish vibrations I felt when getting shot to the experience of flying an aircraft.

I would love to see a recording of my friends and me going through the attraction – I would get a laugh out of seeing us go “wow” and “ooh” as we immersed ourselves in the game.

I’m already planning my next trip to the highlands to try out the other four simulations available – I’m eyeing Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire next.

The Train to Busan Horror House was terrifying, and I say this despite having gone through five haunted houses in one Halloween Horror Night at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore.

I thought that I’d have developed some immunity to jump scares after going through one haunted house, but I was wrong. The second haunted house ended up being the most terrifying – by the third segment, I had a permanent scream emanating from my throat.

The zombies did a good job scaring me by jumping out of closed doors and crawling out from under furniture. One of them, who clearly had no concept of personal space, even chased us along by putting his face as close to us as possible.

The whole experience was far scarier than any horror movie I’ve watched recently, including the original Train to Busan movie.

— Wong Sook Wei

Sensational delights

RWG is one of the liveliest and most vibrant entertainment centres I’ve been to in Malaysia. The smiles and friendly faces of the employees will make you feel that you’ve started your day on the right footing.

Avengers: Damage Control in The Void was hands-down the most sensational activity for a thrillseeker looking for a new experience.

The emphasis on teamwork in this game must not be underestimated if you and your teammates want to move on to the next level.

I was so psyched about teaming up with The Avengers up close. Forget about me trying to act like a cool teen – I just wasn’t able to contain my excitement!

This will be the closest I’ve ever gotten to meeting an Avenger and as a Marvel fan, this was a level up in my Marvel experience. To any Marvel fan, I would definitely recommend going for this VR experience.

Not only am I a fan of Marvel movies, I am also a horror movie buff!

When I knew that there was a Train to Busan horror house, I was determined to experience it. This horror house sent chills down my spine and made my hair stand on end even before I entered the first station. The atmosphere itself was intense and scary.

The horror house was filled with blood, gore and screams. I swear I suffered palpitations when the zombies were after me.

The resemblance of the horror house and the actual movie was so superb that I felt as though I had actually stepped into the movie set!

Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps. Warning: expect a sore throat from all that screaming.

To all you house of horror fans and horror movie buffs out there, don’t miss these blood-curdling highlights! — Gabrielle Ann Jeremiah

Suited up for action

The Void is a fully immersive VR game that transports you entirely into a themed realm, such as the world of The Avengers, Star Wars and Wreck-It Ralph.

I don’t think “amazing” can even describe how great my experience at The Void was. The game we played was Avengers: Damage Control. The moment we pulled down the VR visors, we saw each other in a suit that was incredibly realistic.

At The Void, you have to walk around, stepping through virtual doors and even physically taking control of a flying ship – unlike in other VR games where you sit down and let the machine do all the work for you.

You can also look around as much as you want to admire all the details about that “world”. You start off at Wakanda, testing out the cool new suits by Shuri.

Stepping down the winding stairs, you reach Doctor Strange’s study and he seems to be flying right before you, giving you an important mission and opening up one of his portals to transport you to the battlefield.

You meet Ant-Man, who shrinks you down, and Spider-Man, who swings in, taking you to a ship that you can control physically.

The entire experience was one I can never ever forget. I would say that it is by far the best game I have ever played my entire life.

All the visuals were incredibly realistic, and will be familiar to fans of the series. Words do not do justice to this incredible game, so be sure to step into the virtual world and experience it fully yourself.

At the Train to Busan Horror House, I tried to be brave and went in with the other interns. After stepping into the first corridor and before even seeing a single zombie, I couldn’t take it and turn back.

Prior to this trip, I had tried to mentally prepare myself by doing research about the horror house. Obviously, it didn’t work. Watching it on screen is nothing compared to seeing its full effects in real life.

But I did play a VR shooting game, which was quite fun and not as scary because you can defend yourself from the zombies by using weapons. — Yeoh Cheng Yen

BRATs is a young journalist programme organised by The Star’s Newspaper-in-Education (NiE) team. Throughout the year-long programme, our teenage participants from all across the country experience life as a journalist, contributing ideas, conducting interviews, and completing writing assignments.

Active participants earn a certificate of participation at the end of the year. Top performers win a coveted internship spot with The Star at the end of the programme.

This year, the BRATs participants selected for the internship are:
  • Amelia Jade Mae-Xian Lim, 15
  • Ooi Shinz Jo, 15
  • Tayanaa Logenthiran, 15
  • Zahra Mohamad Zaki, 15
  • Yeoh Cheng Yen, 16
  • Gabrielle Ann Jeremiah, 17
  • Reshmi Kennedy, 17
  • Wong Sook Wei, 22
  • Gan Xiao Tian, 19
  • Latashah Vallimanalan, 20

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