11 offered jobs, six got internships

(From left) Phartheban and Yeoh are the winners of the competition and were also named two of the 11 candidates being offered job opportunities by Dell to join the company on graduation.

(From left) Phartheban and Yeoh are the winners of the competition and were also named two of the 11 candidates being offered job opportunities by Dell to join the company on graduation.

INTI recently collaborated with its industry partner, Dell Malaysia to organise Hack2Hire, a first of its kind varsity competition as a practical means to hire talents.

It was a great opportunity as 75 of INTI’s best and brightest from its Computing and IT schools faced off in teams over a 24-hour period to research, hack, code and impress the socks off of 13 senior representatives from Dell Malaysia and Dell India, and earn one of 11 opportunities to work at Dell Malaysia.

With most of them in their second or final year of their degree programmes, the 15 teams of undergraduate students from INTI International College Subang and INTI International University, Nilai worked tirelessly to prepare their presentations, coding work and prototypes.

These were then presented to the panel of experienced IT professionals from Dell.

The panel included Sheenam Ohrie, Dell India’s vice president, Enterprise Data Intelligence & Mobility and TS Koay, Dell Cyberjaya’s general manager.

The daunting task required the teams to each focus on a problem statement provided as part of the competition and develop a solution with a working functional prototype that would aid the solution to the problem statement.

INTI’s lecturers and Dell’s representatives served as mentors to these groups of students on the first day of the competition, as they researched and prepared their pitch for the competition day.

Through counselling and guidance from academicians and industry professions, the students gained valuable insights, which assisted them throughout the competition. From the ideation process to using the right software, tools, and leveraging skills to successfully produce a working prototype within the time frame of the competition, the participants benefitted from the interactions with Dell’s professionals, which was apparent in the presentations during Day Two of the competition.

“I was very impressed by the talent pool we have seen at INTI.

“The students really impressed us with their creativity and ability to problem solve in the short period of time that was given to them.

“We were really impressed with the solutions which we may not have thought of beforehand as a team, and this essentially spoke volumes of the work the students produced.

“We were looking for 11 suitable candidates to fill in various positions available at Dell and we believe we have found some of the best talents out there through this Hack2Hire competition,” said Koay, who was part of the judging panel in determining the competition winners and identifying talents for Dell.

Additionally, six students were also offered internships with Dell’s IT department, with four starting in June and another two in August.

INTI’s acting chief executive officer cum chief operating officer Tan Lin Nah was proud of the outcome of the collaboration.

“INTI’s faculty were just as much a part of the competition as the students. Through their guidance, they were able to direct the students towards unleashing their potential.

“This competition has been a great way for future graduates to meet their employers and we are grateful to Dell Malaysia for this exciting collaboration,” she said.

INTI International College Subang senior lecturer for Computing and IT Shanmuga Sundram who is also a fellow academic mentor of the winning team for Hack2Hire, beamed with pride as he spoke about his team of students and their mental preparedness to undertake the daunting tasks of the competition.

“It was critical for the students to do their research beforehand when the problem statements were revealed.

“As the problem revolved around crop and farming industry solutions, we managed to speak to someone in the agricultural industry who gave them insights on understanding the industry and how they could incorporate their knowledge in Computing and IT into the farming industry, and provide a viable solution to the problem statement,” he said.

In the end, Shanmuga said the students were able to develop a comprehensive system which impressed the judges.

“I am very proud of the effort the students put in and they truly deserve the win,” he added.

The winning team, Uow Yikes from INTI International College Subang, were ecstatic when their team was named winners.

Winning team mates Jamie Yeoh Zi Yi, 21, who is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a double major in Software Engineering and Digital Systems Security and Phartheban Selvam, 24, who is pursuing the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while majoring in Software Engineering, are two of the 11 candidates being offered job opportunities by Dell to join the company on graduation.

“I think this has been really exciting and we’re both on an adrenaline high from winning the competition.

“The icing on the cake was getting a job offer from Dell,” said Yeoh.

The top three teams of the competition walked away with certificates, Dell monitors and other merchandise.

The panel of judges were so impressed by the presenting teams that they added another two prizes and gave away Special Mention prizes to the other two teams who were as impressive as the three winning teams.

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