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Achievement: Tan, simply put, is synonymous with

IT IS rare for anyone to have the ability to uniformly evoke intense feelings among people of all walks of life, whether the rich, the poor, the middle class, young or old.

So far, one of the few people who has done that here is badminton icon Datuk Lee Chong Wei. What Lee does stirs up feelings of fondness, loyalty and admiration among the masses.

In the business world, a fund manager who has achieved something similar is quite undeniably Tan Teng Boo, the man behind Malaysia’s only closed-end fund, Bhd.

To put it simply. Tan is

For the record, recorded a compounded return of 18% a year since its listing in 2005. If we were to remove the cash portion of RM133mil, that return would be closer to 25%.

Intellectually, Tan is brilliant and a fanatic in his mindset.

He’s as excited about making the world a better place, as he is about looking for that next major investment. He, however, ALWAYS thinks from a social perspective.

Read his newsletters and one will see that he speaks his mind.

In a clear cut and often hilarious manner, his criticisms are honest — just telling it as it is.

He cares deeply about Malaysia and would say: “I am proud to be a Malaysian, a Chinese, an Asian,” in that order, mind you.

Since becoming a student of the market more than 30 years ago, Tan has often been compared to the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

Tan is renowned for his passion to always deliver value and growth to his share owners in a sustainable manner.

Tan has openly said that he is one of the top five best fund managers in the world.

He also thinks it’s a pity that not many people know that.

If anyone else had said that, our immediate response would be: “Wow! Who’s this arrogant guy?”

With Tan and because he says it as a matter of fact, you cannot help but laugh and wholeheartedly nod at his humble submission.

Tan today has funds operating in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, which invests in 42 countries.

He reads close to 300 annual reports a month and is always on the lookout for undervalued companies.

So where do we see ‘“iconic” in Tan’s face?

There a few defining features that point to the fact that he’s no ordinary man on the street.

He has more brain matter, character, willpower and courage than others.

You see that in those bushy eyebrows. See how long and thick they are? Almost like two giant silkworms sitting atop his eyes!

When a person has thick and full eyebrows, this typically indicates a person with loads of stamina and perseverance.

These people have lots of hunger and drive to succeed in their career.

We also measure the thickness in terms of width and height.

Earlier, we talked about width. Now look at the thickness, height wise.

This shows guts, bravery. This is where Tan gets his streak and conviction to load up on his undervalued stocks when times are bad.

This is also where he is plucky enough to criticise and tell the truth about corruption and white-elephant projects.

People with these features are always focused on the big picture and less on the nitty gritty.

His second defining feature would be his laughter line (Fa Ling).

See not just the length, but how well it curves like a bell.

Firstly, a long Fa Ling generally denotes longevity, which is great news for’s investors.

Secondly, the long Fa Ling tells of someone who has stature and is respected in life.

Tan definitely has some very strong following, otherwise the Fa Ling would not appear so comfortably longer than his mouth.

Thirdly, you will notice that the Fa Ling is wide.

This means that it is not tight to the mouth. There is ample space between the mouth ends and the Fa Ling.

Again, this is an auspicious sign, as the wide Fa Ling denotes more family and friends (not in the literal sense, but of many loyal supporters).

The wider one’s Fa Ling is, the more one has in terms of power and authority.

Tan does not need to shout.

It is shown in his credibility and reputation as a fund manager.

Thirdly, look at the positive Mountain Formation of his cheeks and chin.

The cheeks, nose, chin and forehead are the five mountains on the face.

In face reading, no matter how fat or thin a person’s face is, it is important that all these mountains stand out, as these mountains represent the ‘yang’ or aggressive energy.

Many tycoons have round, shapeless or meaty faces, but these mountains always jut out.

You will not see any ambitious people with ‘weak’ mountains.

Weak mountains indicate less aggression, and hence success also becomes more elusive.

If you have met Tan, you know he’s skinny.

This however does not show in his cheekbones.

People get the misconception that if one is fat, their faces will be more auspicious as it is meatier and chubbier.

Wrong. In fact, when a person is obese, that is considered extremely unfavourable in face reading.

A successful person can be thin, but rarely will his face be thin.

The meatiness will still be there especially in the cheeks, nose and chin. Tan’s cheekbones are considered high and jut outwards.

This already denotes a go-getter who is action oriented and thrives in challenges.

Life is about chaos and adventure. It is about moving on from one project to another and seizing opportunity when it comes.

When the cheekbones are combined with other sharp features, this person will be slightly arrogant. That could be true in Tan’s case, but with good reason!

As for Tan’s chin, while it looks pointed and not extremely spacious, it does however juts out and with reasonable height.

The pointy bit probably refers to some sacrifice on the personal front to make way for bigger ambitions.

When the chin juts out this way, this person has integrity and honour. They are hardworking and have the ability to torture themselves in order to achieve their goals. They do not give up and face their problems head on.

When you have such a chin, you’re normally honest and straightforward in your dealings.

In fact, these people always have high standards in relationships and are extremely trustworthy.

Tan is now 58, and this age point is at the area below his lower lip.

His lower lip is thick and red, which is a good sign, as this means his energy levels are still high and the spirit to fight is just as strong.

It is another admirable trait despite his age is that the eyebrows remain thick.

Typically, as a person grows older, their features slowly lose their yang qualities as they slow down and enjoy the calmer things in life.

This is clearly not evident in Tan’s face. Just look at the haughty way those mountains jut out. He is still going to be moving mountains and achieving bigger things. Tan is easily our pick for Iconic Person to Bet On.

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