Interactive pit stops add to the excitement

(From left) Gan Chun Kit, 25, Ng Yun Pei, 25, and Leekie Po, 25, posing at a giant replica of the AnakAnakMalaysia Wristband.

(From left) Gan Chun Kit, 25, Ng Yun Pei, 25, and Leekie Po, 25, posing at a giant replica of the AnakAnakMalaysia Wristband.

THE interactive and captivating pit stops were the talk of participants during the #AnakAnakMalaysia Walk.

Each of the five pit stops had a subject matter that fit in with this year’s theme of #JomKeHadapan.

At Pitstop 1 tagged ‘For the future of Malaysia’, participants collected blue or red stickers to paste on a huge collage to form the Malaysian flag.

Walkers at the Eco World Signature Roundabout were greeted with energetic drum beats and chants by Street Stompers.

Not too far ahead, several sleek modern Vespas on display lured participants to try them out.

Geng Longgok member Kamarul Azril Yaakob, representing the Malaysia Vespa Club, said they were invited to lead off the participants at the starting line.

“Vespas still draw a crowd because all generations are attracted to them and can appreciate their design,” he said.

At Pitstop 2 tagged #JomKeHad­apan Together, participants walked through the openings of several life-sized heart-shaped cutouts.

Sleek Vespas leading participants on the 3.8km walk.
Sleek Vespas leading participants on the 3.8km walk.

Like participant Hannah Lim, 21, this pit stop was the perfect opportunity for a quick picture.

“It’s an enjoyable addition to what is an otherwise short walk. At least with these pit stops, we can take interesting pictures to commemorate the day,” she said.

Pitstop 3 had an obstacle course aimed at challenging participants and building their confidence.

This was also a chance for participants to quench their thirst as 100 Plus energy drinks were handed out.

Pitstops 4 and 5 drew the most crowds as participants took pictures with giant replicas of the #AnakAnakMalaysia wristbands and collected unique pins to complete their bands.

The band has five unique customisable pins that represent recognisable symbols of Malaysia such as pins representing nasi lemak bungkus, Sabah’s iconic Mount Kinabalu, Sarawak’s hornbill, the wau from the East Coast as well as a patriotic ‘I Love Malaysia’ shoutout.

Participant Siti Aishah Jalil Shah, 23, said she was a fan of this year’s wristbands.

“I saw images of the pins and thought it was an interesting design since it incorporates Malaysian symbols such as the wau and nasi lemak,” she said.

Many of the walkers were seen taking ingenious pictures with their bands after the fifth pit stop.

Dressed in white T-shirts and wearing wristbands promoting the message of unity, they walked along a 3.8km route through the landscaped areas of Eco Ardence.

At the end of the walk, they were rewarded with delicious Massimo sambal ikan bilis buns and a cup of cold Milo from the van, as well as fresh juice at the Panasonic booth.

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