Residents upset over muddy water in monsoon drain

The muddy water flowing in the monsoon drain near Jalan CP3 in Taman Cheras Perdana.

TAMAN Cheras Perdana residents are concerned over the muddy water flowing in the monsoon drain near Jalan CP3. They are blaming it on the ongoing Langat Sewerage Project.

Resident Lee Kim Lan, 53, is worried that the polluted water might pose a health threat to the residents nearby.

“Before this, the drain water was quite clear. But now, the water has become smelly and muddy. I am also worried it could lead to mosquito breeding,” she said.

Perdana Heights Residents Association (RA) former chairman Alvin Kek is concerned about the safety of drivers in the area.

“One of the construction sites for the project is located near the T-junction of Jalan CP8 and near several neighbourhoods as well as SMK Cheras Perdana.

“Road users should avoid the construction site.

“I do not see any safety officer directing traffic at the site,” said Kek, adding that the contractor and authorities should look into this.

“Despite the good intention of the project, the progress of construction is slow.

“It is better to take precaution now before something untoward happens.

“Construction work in critical areas should be given priority and completed as soon as possible,” he added.

Serdang MCA public complaints bureau chief Allan Liew concurred.

“Construction is being carried out in a public area, thereby increasing the risk of danger.

“There is no notice board stating the completion date of each project.

“Progress of the project is also slow and there are inadequate safety measures at the site.

“Environmental and public safety of this project need to be improved,” he added.

Liew said the polluted drain in Jalan CP3 should be cleaned immediately and construction works supervised by safety officers.

He also said information related to the progress of the project should be made public.

The project is expected to be completed in 2020.

The proposed sewerage piping measuring approximately 105km long will cover an area of 60.9sq km, from Cheras Batu 11 to Kajang.


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