Want expert hair styling in just five minutes? Try the 'ponytail blowout'


The "ponytail blowout" promises a perfect wavy blowout in no time, as shown by one user (@filippzorz) on TikTok. Photo: AFP

Forget visiting the hair salon to get the perfect Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively or Jennifer Lopez blowout. Instead, some TikTokers have perfected an infallible technique for achieving a silky, voluminous blowout at home, in no time, and without having to spend a fortune.

The trick, known as the "ponytail blowout", is already racking up millions of views on the Chinese social network.

Determined to make beauty routines simpler – or to rack up views and likes – TikTok users are getting more inventive by the day, coming up with techniques that are each more innovative and accessible than the next.

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Admittedly, some of them are a little eccentric, like using a strainer to get perfect curls or a fork for contouring.

Others are even dangerous, like using beer for tanning purposes. Still, most of the time, users of the Chinese social network manage to create a buzz with harmless and effective techniques that save time and money.

This is the case with the "ponytail blowout", a trick that promises perfect results in just five minutes.

It's hard to trace the exact source of this new trend, but most people seem to follow the tutorial posted by one user (@marenanicole), despite the fact that other videos featuring the #ponytailblowout hashtag predate this one.

The young woman, who has topped four million views in just over a month, reveals the rudiments of this technique, which requires only two hair elastics (or scrunchies), a hot air styling brush (or a hairdryer and a round brush) and large rollers.

Here's how it works. Simply tie two fairly high ponytails, one for the bangs or front strands of hair, and one for the rest of your hair. Then, divide the latter into four sections, wrapping each one around the brush to form large curls, before securing them in place with rollers.

Then, repeat the process with your bangs. The idea here is to smooth the strands with the blow-dryer or hot air brush, then roll them up to create a wavy, 1980s-style blowout.

After letting it set for a few minutes, all that's left to do is unwind each section and arrange your hair back in place. The result is stunning.

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Fast, effective and affordable – that's all it took for this simple trick to become a viral trend on the Chinese social network.

The "ponytail blowout" is so popular that the associated hashtag has already surpassed two million views, and that's without counting the videos that don't use the hashtag in question.

In fact, several users (including @abbybaffoe and @filippzorz) have racked up 7.7 million and 1.4 million views, reflecting the success of this technique, which gives you a blowout worthy of the most prestigious red carpet events. – AFP Relaxnews

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