Barbie, Annabelle or M3gan? Women are dressing up like dolls for fashion's sake


The "dollcore" aesthetic is a big hit on TikTok. Photo:

The doll-woman – "femininity" taken to its extreme – is back in fashion in the "dollcore" aesthetic currently storming social networks.

Key elements include powder pink, ribbons, bows, mini skirts, lace and makeup inspired by dolls from Japanese culture. It all adds up to a wardrobe that seems to have been created for porcelain dolls rather than real women.

After Barbiecore and coquette makeup, now it's the "dollcore" aesthetic that is making waves on social media, TikTok in the lead.

That's right, sandwiched between two grunge outfits inspired by hit Netflix series Wednesday, fashion is taking up the kitschy fundamentals of girly style, and cultivating some expectations surrounding doll-women in passing.

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With this trend, it is the whole universe of Japanese dolls – although some creators also draw inspiration from porcelain dolls – which is being cast into the spotlight. And it's a phenomenon that continues to grow, with the hashtag #dollcore racking up no less than 218 million views on the Chinese social network to date.

Fashion is famous for being endlessly cyclical and this "new" aesthetic indeed borrows certain elements from the coquette makeup and Barbiecore trends, starting with a colour of preference, namely pink; this time around it's all about pastel or powder pink, paired mainly with white.

Don't forget, this is an ultra girly aesthetic where what's considered feminine is pushed to the extreme with highly gendered style codes that we thought had been largely forgotten, if not completely abandoned.

Lace, beads, ruffles, ribbons and bows, tulle, knee-high socks, and a defined waist are some of the essentials associated with this aesthetic.

Note that ballet flats and mini-skirts, two key pieces of the year 2022, are making a comeback via this trend.

While most of the creators showcasing this trend seem to be having fun by composing playful looks straight out of a film or television show, others seem to delve more deeply into the universe of kitschy, girly style, combining "dollcore" with other aesthetics such as "kawaii", "princesscore", or "lolitacore", testifying to an appetite for outfits that don't mix gender codes.

And the beauty sector hasn't been left untouched by "dollcore" either.

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To complete this look inspired by dolls and their plastic compositions, many are seeking out porcelain-like complexions and accenting eye makeup in order to obtain the look of extra large eyes topped off by dense endless lashes.

And of course, the final touch is rosy blush to be applied without moderation for that ultimate touch of girliness.

On TikTok, the women – because yes, it is mainly women who have taken up this trend – are playing around with these highly feminine codes and combining them with various hairstyles.

Braids, pink dye and curls feature in the majority of the looks proposed under the hashtag #dollcore.

There are also a few outfits that mix two trends which are normally on opposite sides of the style spectrum, grunge and "dollcore", giving life to dolls worthy of the greatest horror movies. – AFP Relaxnews

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