How men are overshadowing women when it comes to red carpet fashion


At this year's Grammys, Harry Styles stood out on the red carpet in a colourful sequinned jumpsuit with a Harlequin-like diamond pattern. Photo: AFP

Men are overshadowing women at red carpet events. Just look at the 65th Grammy Awards.

Overalls, jumpsuits, oversized capes, and colourful or floral suits replaced the formal tuxedo, taking men's fashion far away from its traditional codes.

These sartorial choices reflect a keenness to shake up certain standards, and to pave the way for more diverse visions of masculinity.

Rare are the red carpet events where eyes are not firmly fixed on the sumptuous gowns and other outfits worn by female guests, especially at the Grammy Awards, a ceremony often synonymous with more eccentric fashion choices.

But for this 65th edition, it was clearly men who stole the show, ditching traditional suits to embrace much less formal, and much more extravagant styles.

As a result, they brought a spectacular fashion showcase to the red carpet, with looks each more head-turning than the next.

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Jumpsuits, sequins and bold cuts

And, in this particular field, it is once again Harry Styles who seems to lead the way. Not content with scooping various awards at this 65th Grammys ceremony, the British artiste also stood out on the red carpet.

The "As It Was" singer is known to be one of the figureheads of a stereotype-busting approach to fashion, also contributing to bringing this concept into the mainstream.

Yet he still managed to surpass himself for what's considered the musical event of the year, walking the red carpet in a sequin-covered jumpsuit from Egonlab with a harlequin-like diamond pattern, and featuring a seriously plunging neckline revealing torso and tattoos.

It was an all-out look for the star, who, among other things, won the best album gong for Harry's House.

Styles wasn't the only star whose wardrobe choices caught attention at the Grammys, far from it.

Sam Smith made a remarkable entrance in an all-red look.

Sam Smith wore a less-than-conventional outfit for his Grammys appearance. Photo: ReutersSam Smith wore a less-than-conventional outfit for his Grammys appearance. Photo: Reuters

The British singer wore an oversized coat with an imposing collar, matched with long gloves, a top hat and a cane of the same colour – not to mention a mini lace veil covering his eyes.

A look that did not go unnoticed, and which chipped further away at the codes of men's fashion, already in the throes of revolution.

Meanwhile, the drum prodigy JD Beck caused a stir in overalls emblazoned with sunflowers, while Tim Nelson of the band Cub Sport wore low waist jeans and denim crop top.

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Suits embrace change

And when guests did decide to stick to the red carpet tradition of wearing suits, they switched formal looks for more casual cuts and quirky colours.

Gone were ties and bow ties – with a few exceptions – as more playful looks took over.

Pharrell Williams stood out in a studded red leather sweatsuit-like ensemble by Ernest W Baker, while Anderson Paak sported a low-cut suit covered with flowers.

Pharrell Williams. Photo: AFPPharrell Williams. Photo: AFPAnderson Paak. Photo: AFPAnderson Paak. Photo: AFP

Miguel wore an ultra-casual denim look, with a long hooded coat, Alligator Jesus donned a flowing suit and white coat matched with a cap, and Dwayne Johnson wore a gold-colored suit with a low-cut neckline for a chic but still laid-back look.

While some guests opted for the traditional tuxedo, they remained exceptions on the Grammys red carpet.

This ultimately serves as a reminder that change has been afoot in men's fashion for several months, gradually shattering traditional norms and constraints surrounding virility.

All of which takes us one step further along the road to a more personal and self-assured wardrobe, freeing men from the shackles of conformity that have long bound their fashion choices. – AFP Relaxnews

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