How did Lady Diana end up as a fashion inspiration on TikTok?


Over on TikTok, the hashtag #ladydiana generates no less than 1.6 billion views, while #ladydi has racked up 1.2 billion views, testifying to young people's interest in the "queen of hearts". Photo: AFP

Twenty-five years after her death, princess Diana remains a major source of inspiration in the worlds of fashion and beauty, even influencing the wardrobes of young generations.

From the now famous "revenge dress" to the iconic Lady Dior bag and her cult hairstyles... The style of the "queen of hearts" has managed to transcend the ages and is now a key trend on social networks.

What comes to mind when you hear the words "Lady Diana's style"? It's rare that someone doesn't have an opinion about the former Princess of Wales, an international icon, known for her charisma, her aura, her generosity, as well as her singular style.

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Often criticised, sometimes even mocked, Lady Di's outfits continue today to influence designers and major fashion brands, as well as a public who adored and copied this wardrobe that mixed chic and casual looks for an aesthetic that is more relevant than ever.

From her cycling shorts to her sweatshirts, button-down shirts, safari jackets, to the most spectacular dresses, including the oft-copied – but never equaled – "revenge dress", Lady Diana is, and will remain, a fashion and style icon.

In fact she's a point of reference for the TikTok generation today.

More than 1.5 billion views

If the Princess of Wales has undeniably made a mark on several generations, including Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials, it's more surprising to learn that her style is also a reference for Gen-Z.

Over on TikTok, the hashtag #ladydiana generates no less than 1.6 billion views, while #ladydi has racked up 1.2 billion views, testifying to young people's interest in the "queen of hearts".

Record numbers for a celebrity who, despite being elevated to the rank of icon, passed away 25 years ago at the young age of 36.

And make no mistake: while a handful of posts refer to the life, or even the tragic accident of Lady Diana, it is her style that is most popular on the Chinese social network.

A style that sparked controversy and was occasionally called out as "bad taste", that is now an example for young fashion fans, even the looks and pieces that were prompted divided opinions in the past.

Even her hairstyles, which one might find outdated today, have gained a loyal following of fans on Generation-Z's favorite network.

One user (@70srose), who likes to reproduce the retro looks – clothing and hair – of many celebrities, is among the many Tiktokers who have helped boost interest in the Princess of Wales's style, regularly paying tribute to her.

The influence of the 1990s and television shows

On social networks, the interest in the 1990s has inevitably helped reignite interest in Lady Diana's style.

Indeed there are thousands of posts associated with her pronounced taste for cycling shorts worn with oversize sweatshirts. A combo that came back to the forefront recently, brought up to date by many celebrities, but remaining linked to Diana Spencer.

Her passion for bright colours and patterns, her style constantly oscillating between casual and ultra chic, as well as her desire to assert herself through her wardrobe, are all criteria emphasized by users on TikTok to highlight the impact of Lady Diana's style on younger generations.

Genuine fashion influencers, television shows also play a role in the frenzy of the TikTok generation for the inimitable style of Lady Di.

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As we have seen, just one episode of Squid Game or Emily In Paris can create buzz and boost sales of specific collections or fashion pieces. So it's not surprising that dramas like The Crown have helped boost the princess's influence on a young audience.

And to top it all off, the "revenge dress", the dress worn by Lady Di in 1994 amid rumours of Prince Charles's infidelity, has become over time an icon of women's wardrobes, with versions seen on younger generations' icons such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and more recently Julia Fox, helping maintain an already well established legend.

A host of inspirations, trends, and must-haves, which make Lady Di a timeless fashion icon. – AFP Relaxnews

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