Does your cat need help drinking enough water?


Cats don’t drink much water naturally, so it’s important you actively make sure they get enough fluids to stay healthy. Photo: dpa

It is rare to see a cat slurping up a bowl of water because they’re so thirsty. Instead, cats are naturally lazy when it comes to drinking.

Here are some tips for cat owners to make sure their pets are getting enough fluids:

Place water bowls in different locations: Cats like to drink in different places, so put water bowls in different rooms of the house. This will make it more likely that your cat will find a water bowl that’s convenient and appealing.

Try different types of water: Some cats prefer fresh tap water, while others prefer stale water. Experiment with different types of water to see what your cat likes best.

Clean the water bowl regularly: This will help prevent bacteria from growing in the water and making your cat sick.

Add a little chicken broth to the water: This can make the water more appealing to some cats.

Use a water fountain: A water fountain can help keep the water fresh and moving, which can encourage cats to drink more.

Use water toys to have fun with your cat: This can make drinking water more fun for some cats.

You may also need to experiment with different bowls, says feline behaviour consultant Birgit Rodder, as some cats prefer them small, and others larger. Cats even have their own preferences when it comes to the material and height of the bowl.

If you’re concerned that your cat isn’t drinking enough, talk to your veterinarian, especially if the weather is hot in your area.

And if your cat is still not drinking enough water, don’t give up! Keep experimenting with different methods until you find something that works. – dpa

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