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  • Friday, 28 Feb 2014

Many people are committed to staying fit and maintaining a healthy meal, a street poll by The Star shows.

DESPITE hectic lifestyles and a higher cost of living, a street survey by The Star shows that many people recognise the importance of staying fit and eating healthily.

Many of those interviewed opined that a balanced diet is the most essential element of attaining good health followed by regular exercise,

Oily foods made it to the top of the list for the most avoided food followed by carbs and fast food while many netizens said the best way to save cost would be to eat at home.

> I exercise twice a week to keep fit. I guess you should try to eat more green foods like vegetables. I avoid mostly oily food and fast food as that is the worst.

I cut down costs by going out less, that’s the best way to save money, because if you go out more you spend more.

- Vash Tsai Yiing, 27, e-commerce executive

> Just eat healthy, try not to eat fatty foods. I eat more vegetables and cut down on meat. I exercise three times a week where I would jog around my housing area and do some workouts learned from Youtube. I would say try to eat at home and try to avoid eating out at restaurants.

- Sharon Chua, 17, student

> I go swimming and play basketball. Those are the two main sports I play three to four times a week. I like to eat mostly vegetables and steamed chicken and I avoid things like McDonalds and KFC because it’s all fried food.

I think it’s good to eat at home more. Don’t go out to eat so much, that’s just wasting money. Moreo­ver, it is also healthier to eat at home.

- Darius John Oommen,22, student

> I try to put some time aside for the gym, I go for an hour session at least three times a week. I also have to take care of my diet, so I try to avoid soft drinks and fried food.

But I do have a cheat day once every week where I indulge a little bit. I eat more food with high protein, eggs, smaller portions of rand more vegetables.

I also eat sandwiches. It saves a lot of money if you can prepare food at home.

I’ve started to do that because when I started to keep a budget for food, I realised that when I prepared my own food from home, it’s much cheaper.

I get to eat more too, and I get to control the quality of the food I eat. It takes a bit of time to prepare, but you just got to plan ahead.

So, you can perhaps prepare your meal over the weekend so that your meals are all ready from Monday till Friday and at the end of the week, you start the whole process again.

- Ejaz Kayum, 41, restaurant owner

> Every Korean is interested in keeping a good diet and keeping fit and healthy.

I normally control my food. I avoid eating meat as well as sweet and spicy food and I also do Muay Thai, ballet and swimming to keep fit.

My mum used to write a note on her spending habits to keep track on how much she spends everyday. I think that’s a good way of saving money.

- Se Eu, 22, South Korean student

> I walk a lot, and I also take supplements. I practically eat everything. But I do try to eat foods that contains more fibre. I also try not to eat so much, only what is sufficient.

For instance, I have my breakfast at home which includes cereal, wheat biscuits, or muesli.

Then, for lunch I eat out, and have dinner at my brother’s place.

- Manohar Chand, 55, retiree.

> I do try to exercise by walking a lot and try not to eat a lot of oily food. I opt for fruits.

I stay within my budget and sometimes if I am not so hungry I would skip a meal. It is still enough for me.

- Amos Jack Qua, 26, salesman

> I swim twice a week and play futsal once a week. I try to take a heavy breakfast in the morningand rice in the afternoon. At night, there will be no rice for dinner.

I also eat more vegetables and meat. Vegetables should be one of the portions for every meal.

That’s the rule of thumb I guess, just spend within what you’re earning. You should also save 30% of what you’re earning, that way you can save a lot.

- Dines Jayabalan, 29, account executive.

> How do I stay fit? I just make sure that I have a healthy diet and have enough sleep - that is most important.

Not everybody can exercise every day, so the best way is to control your diet and  get enough rest. Malaysian food is not the healthiest, so you need to pair it with some supplements to keep a balanced diet.

You should also drink a lot of plain water. I go walking every morning, but not so far, only around the house. I usually walk 1km or 2km, to me that’s enough. My expenses are not very high, so I just live within my budget.

When I go out, I don’t eat at expensive places, I just go eat at the normal places where the prices are reasonable. - Rafizi Zainal Abiding, 37, selfemployed

> In a week, I go jogging four times and I go to the gym as well. Diet is also very important, you have to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. But breakfast is the most important meal of all.

In the morning I eat cereal and drink plenty of water throughout the day. I avoid oily food and rice.

Eat lots of proteins and fish but avoid oily foods.

If I were having some financial problem, I would eat at home rather than go out and spending money.

I would just stay at home and eat whatever my mum or maid is cooking, so I would save on that. - Tunku Muhammad Sulaiman, 22, athlete

> I tend to cut down on fatty and oily food. My family and I would also go vegan every Thursday and I personally haven’t eaten any sweets for the past five years.

My mum likes to eat a lot of organic food and salads, so I eat a lot of vegetables and I eat less fatty foods. I try to eat healthy, like eating more foods with fibre, drinking more water and stuff.

I don’t have much time to do sports, so I compromise with other things like my food and diet. I spend wisely. I only spend on necessary things and even when you want to enjoy and pamper yourself, you can do it but not that often.

You have to learn how to control your expenses and manage your budget. - Justin Hiew, 19, student

> I do workouts in the afternoons with dumbbell lifts and maybe later do some sports like futsal or football.

I do it maybe three or four times a week at a minimum. Some weeks I would exercise six days a week or all seven days.

I definitely avoid soft drinks, that’s a big no-no. I also avoid junk food. I use to love junk food but I don’t eat it anymore because I have to keep fit.

I have come to love chicken breast because it is a good source of protein. I don’t really go yum cha that often, maybe only twice in a month. I’m still a student, so I have to stay within my budget. - Moy Tian Xiang, 19, student

> Usually when I reach home after work I do 10 to 15 minutes of heat exercises. I try to do it everyday.

There are only two things that I avoid – carbs and sugar. I try to eat more protein-based food like chicken or other meats. I try to shop during sales only and go to bazaars over the weekend. - Michelle Lim, 31, manager

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