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  • Sunday, 06 Apr 2003


When you think about peace, you automatically associate it with something good. 

SOME readers have asked me to comment on the current world situation from the viewpoint of energy or good vibrations. 

Mother Teresa was reported to have said: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” 

In a world where peace seems more elusive than ever, perhaps it is time to think in a fresh perspective that the way to achieve peace is to concentrate on peace as opposed to anti- or no war. 

Remember in any war, truth is always the first causality. The indigenous people of the world have shown us that it is possible to live without resorting to devastating violence that results in mass killings of innocent men, women and children. 

Peace is the birthright of every one on earth regardless of race or religion. Men, women and children must be equal partners in the process to achieve and maintain peace. 

As I write these thoughts, and war spreads across Iraq, we are seeing mass anti-war demonstrations around the world and in Malaysia. I have to comment that it would be nice to see a similar level of support for the countless numbers of people who are suffering at the hands of oppression in other parts of the world. But I guess they have no political benefit for the organisers of mass demonstrations. 

Negative thoughts and negative actions produce exactly the very thing we say we most want to avoid. Anti-war demonstrations around the world have actually guaranteed that war had to happen.  

Study after study has validated this most important principle and fact of life in the world we live in. I try not to take sides in conflicts. I try to seek the common ground and find ways for both sides to resolve their differences. 

Today we fight in the name of eliminating “evil” or in the name of religion. It seems that when this is our justification, we use the most devastating means of annihilating our opponent because we “know we are right”. However the means of defending ourselves almost always become the means of oppressing those who challenge us after our “victories”. 

This principle applies in national conflicts, business conflicts, in fact, any and every conflict. But consider this. In February 2003 a group of spiritual peace seekers gathered in Jerusalem. Over 300 people gathered beneath a tent in a village called Neve Shalom. The village is a living example of how peace can be accomplished with both Israeli and Palestinian families living and raising families together. The group began praying and chanting together almost two hours before the appointed time, and they could feel the energy building. 

Attending the gathering was a scientist named Richard Benishal who was taking readings on what is called a biometer. It measures the vitality or life force of a person or place through a measurement called angstroms. Angstroms are units of light, which all living beings and physical places emit. If there is dis-ease or low energy, it registers a low reading, with the opposite for high energy.  

A neutral reading would normally be around 6,500 angstroms, but readings as high as 7000 have been registered after powerful meditations have taken place in a certain area. The reading of the area of the vigil’s focus was between 9,000 and 9,500. Richard said he has never seen such a high reading before. Additionally, the number of violent acts committed by both sides reduced during this time of intense meditation. (See http://www.emissaryoflight.com/ – Antiwar demonstrations lower the vibrations.) 

Our sages inform us that life and death are in the hands of the tongue. Words can heal and words can devastate. Has there ever been a time when the term “verbal abuse” was so commonplace, almost a household phrase?  

How many people have been in the line of fire of our personal weapons of mass destruction? (Even to protest against seeming injustice?) Every time we condemn another person for whatever reason, we condemn ourselves – no exceptions. 

It is so easy to destroy and so hard to rebuild. The poisoned word is as lethal as poisoned gas and the ravages are no less extensive.  

In reality, there is a greater body than the United Nations that sends inspectors to our homes, businesses, churches, mosques, temples and areas that we occupy. What will these heavenly inspectors find? Are we in compliance or defiance of using our God-given gift of speech for constructive and productive purposes?  

So to my friends who feel the need to play an active role in achieving peace in you, our nation, our region and the world, here is my suggestion. Visualise the person or persons you most want to stop their actions that are causing pain, death and destruction. Then very simply cover them in a blanket of pink love. See them acting the way of love and compassion. 

Get a group of people together and mediate for peaceful coexistence – everywhere – not just in the current publicised conflict. Be very careful you only concentrate on loving thoughts. 

Please be non-judgemental in the way you explain world events to your children. The words you tell them today shape their thinking and opinions for tomorrow. If you want them to live in a world of peace and harmony, teach them how to respect each other regardless of race or religion. Teach them to find common ground. 

When you think about peace, you automatically associate it with something good. When you think about war, the word evil immediately springs to mind. What is good and what is evil?  

In order to create true harmony we have to become aware of the meaning of these opposites.  

What to one person is good, to another is not good and vice versa. Harmony is based on love, but it requires discipline. Love excludes nothing and lays no claim whatsoever.  

Therefore love always conquers evil. War is the product of a state of mind that occupies itself with the loss of material and immaterial patterns of thinking related to our ego. In matters relating to peace we should try to act creatively by opening up to creativity, which, in itself has a soothing, effect. 

My closing thought: Great love comes, or at least should come, from the heart. It starts at home with our family, our neighbours. Then it reaches everyone. 

Peace has no enemies. Peace begins with you and me – in our thoughts, words and actions. The world is at peace when I am at peace. 

Every day in every way, in my body, mind and spirit, I am in perfect balance with the divine universe. 

Jaguar Speaks is the pen name chosen by Mohd Hazri Humphreys for its healing vibrations. He is an Australian who has made Malaysia his home. He is a ‘corporate healer’ and trainer and is the Malaysian representative for the Australian College Of Natural Medicine (www.acnm.edu.au /). You can write to Hazri at starhealth@thestar.com.my .  

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