Stream time: discover Kedah’s Ulu Muda forest, legacy of the Terabai shield

A screen shot of the mini-documentary jointly produced by WWF-Malaysia and Sunny Stories sheds light on the close relationship between local communities and the Ulu Muda forest.


Date and Time: June 5, 6.30pm

In conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5, Conscious Planet, a global movement to save Earth’s soil from extinction, is organising the Voice For Soil Concert. The concert aims to bring awareness about an impending soil extinction and the need for a concerted and conscious response.

Celebrate solid and life in this concert that brings together performers from across the region, including our very own Datuk Ramli Ibrahim. Join Ramli and the award-winning Sutra Dancers as they dance for Mother Nature. Other artists who will be performing in this concert are Boobay, El Gamma Penumbra, Joey Ayala, Leah Patricio, Tal Wilkenfeld, The Boyz PH, Freda Lucyana and Pepita Curtis.

Voice For Soil Concert can be streamed for free via the event’s website. Registration required

Listent to 'Mist-Bound: How To Glue Back Grandpa' author Daryl Kho as he talks about dementia. Photo: FilepicListent to 'Mist-Bound: How To Glue Back Grandpa' author Daryl Kho as he talks about dementia. Photo: Filepic


Date and Time: Unlimited

Dementia is not an easy topic to deal with, especially when it involves our loved ones. By 2050, it’s estimated that 71 million people will have dementia and the impact on society will be felt widely. Join hosts Ben Ibrahim and Sylvia Friedman as they talk to Singapore-based Malaysian author Daryl Kho about this disease.

Kho is the author of the best-selling children’s novel Mist-Bound: How To Glue Back Grandpa that he wrote in honor of his father who had dementia. Published by Penguin Books SEA, Mist-Bound – Kho’s debut novel – follows the adventures of Alexis as she embarks on a search for ingredients to make "Memory Glue". Her grandpa’s memories have been shattered and she needs to brew this concoction to cure him. Find out how Kho overcame his struggles over losing his father to the disease and learn about vital solutions for families.

Dementia In The Family can be streamed for free via Great People TV’s Facebook page.


Date and Time: Unlimited

You may have seen it as decorative objects on walls in Sarawak but the Terabai has a deeper history than that. Once upon a time, the Terabai was one of the most important handmade weapons for the Iban community when they went to war. Essentially, the Terabai functions as a very long shield and it was a proud warrior symbol.

This short video by the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas) gives viewers a glimpse of how the Terabai is made and why the Terabai is important to the the cultural heritage and legacy of the Iban community.

Fragmen: Terabai can be streamed for free via Finas’ Youtube channel.


Date and Time: Unlimited

KL-based multidisciplinary artist Bono Stellar’s (real name Nawwar Shukriah Ali) short dance video, featuring Tess Pang and Grace Ng is all about embracing the self, while reflecting on the good and the bad.

The video examines how life shapes us through our experiences, traumas, and memories and frees us from the burdens we carry.

Katharsis can be streamed for free via its official Youtube channel.


Date and Time: Unlimited

In 2018, theatre actor Hannan Barakbah directed Ridhwan Saidi’s Kurator Dapur as part of the playwright’s third Teater Modular series in KongsiKL. Hannan returns with a virtual version of the same story, featuring Adam Hamizan and Putrina Rafie. The playlet centres on a husband and wife who categorise their kitchenware and food according to three categories: politics, religion, and sex. The eccentricity of the play is heightened by Hannan’s subtle directorial choices.

Kurator Dapur 2.0 can be streamed for free via Hannan’s Youtube channel.


Date and Time: Unlimited

The collaborative mini-documentary produced by WWF-Malaysia and Sunny Stories illuminates the close relationship between local communities and the Ulu Muda forest. Ulu Muda provides a living for approximately 2,500 members of the local community.

The villagers' ties to the precious forest have a profound impact on their cultural heritage and way of life. Learn more about the beauty and rarity of the Ulu Muda forest, as well as the importance of protecting it. This mini documentary is also a accompaniment to WWF Malaysia’s coffee table book Jewel Of Kedah: Ulu Muda Forest.

Ulu Muda Permata Negeri Kedah can be streamed for free via WWF Malaysia’s Youtube channel.


Date and Time: Unlimited

Faris Ridzwan’s solo exhibition at G13 Project Room called YOLO: FLOWING FORWARD is a curious study of life. Find out why the artist chose blood cells as his subjects in this metaphorical exploration of the birth of something new. Diagrammatic components and unconscious patterns are the primary sources of inspirationin Faris' work.

His body of work is illustrative of his efforts to make sense of beauty, transformation, and enlightenment in light of the experiences he has had in his life. Catch this video before visiting his exhibition which runs until June 18.

In Conversation With Faris Ridzwan can be streamed via G13 Gallery’s Youtube channel.

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