Wholesome vegan menu

Vegan roti canai.

While the menu at Hungry Tapir in Kuala Lumpur includes favourites such as burgers, breads and nibbles, you’ll be blown away by the team’s dedication to uplift texture, colour and flavour.

You’ll find Arancini Balls made with cauliflower, Margherita Flatbreads made with homemade vegan cheese, and Jackfruit Roti Jala.

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak.Vegetarian Nasi Lemak.

Similar to the Avenger character the Hulk, the refreshing Mrs Hulk Smoothie was a shade of jade green liquid that was a creamy mix of mango, banana, coconut water and spirulina.

Within a few minutes my tummy thanked me, grateful that the spirulina thingy didn’t taste like the bottom of the ocean. Mrs Hulk stabilised my hunger pangs even without any added sugar spike.

Mama’s Satay was the dish that won my heart during my first visit.

The marinated hedgehog mushroom captures so much flavour – earthy turmeric, lemongrass and toasted coriander – the dish is authentic and almost meat-like, accompanied by a wholesome peanut sauce, cucumber and nasi impit (rice cake).

Eggcelent benedict from Hungry Tapir.Eggcelent benedict from Hungry Tapir.

The quintessential local favourite, Nasi Lemak came with hedgehog mushroom rendang. Bursting with spices and hints of turmeric leaves, the tempeh sambal was spicy hot like those from kampung stalls.The signature “Blow Out” juice, which had orange, carrots, ginger and turmeric, made a lovely palate cleanser.

Next was a solid piece of chip made from tempeh. After a generous dip in the dark soy and cili padi sauce, the crunch travelled through my ears while the taste was absent of the usual fermented tempeh funk that could often put people off.

If you love a Western breakfast option, a must-try is the “Eggcelent” benedict, a beautifully plated brunch dish. The classic poached egg is replaced by a “tofu egg” which bears a custard-like texture. The vegan hollandaise sauce was artfully created by adding kala namak (cooling black Himalayan salt) often used in Ayurveda. It has the subtle odour and flavour of sulphur with an edge. Paired with crisp carrot “bacon”, spinach and fresh sourdough, it makes a mouthwatering vegan brunch.

Hungry Tapir’s signature satay made with hedgehog mushrooms.Hungry Tapir’s signature satay made with hedgehog mushrooms.

As food progressive as I am, I was suspicious about how a vegan roti canai would taste like.

Leave all your mamak stall judgements at the door when you eat this delectable creation. The dough is made with almond milk and each bite is crisp, bold and fulfilling. Dipping each piece into vegetable dhal and a dash of tempeh sambal provided next-level flavours.

My friend also tried the Seafood Platter and Scrambled Pastrami Croissant at LaGula.

The seafood was from konjac, cooked in batter with convincing seafood textures.

Pastrami croissant with scrambled egg from LaGula.Pastrami croissant with scrambled egg from LaGula.

The pastrami was derived from mixed vegetables, black bean, soy and other herbs, all blended together and then rolled thinly into pastrami slices while the scrambled egg was from tofu. Not quite meat, but top marks for effort and flavour.

It goes to prove that vegan food doesn’t have to be boring. Given the varied and exciting food options here, you probably won’t even remember the absence of meat.

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