The GI diet – the mother of all diets

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  • Monday, 04 Nov 2019

Yes – when it comes to weight loss, diabetes, physical energy and mental alertness, the only diet that works over time whether is it is high protein, low carb, high fat, Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Zone or South Beach diet, it is basically a low GI diet. The low GI diet is the “mother of all diets”

Blood Sugar

It might surprise you but sugar is your body’s primary fuel but it Is also a toxin. It must be burnt as fuel and cannot be stored. If in excess, it must be diluted, stored as fat or removed via urine.

Look at the chart and you will note that all modern-day diseases are a direct effect of too much carbs (which get converted to sugar!)

Dangers of sugar

How you feel now – mentally and physically – or how hungry you feel is directly correlated to your blood sugar.

Low Gi is shorthand for glycemic Index (GI) – a measure of how fast your blood sugar rises upon eating any kind of food. You do not want your blood sugar too high or too low.

It has to be just right. Kept in tight check in a very narrow band. When your blood sugar is in this range, your body heals. When you are out of this range, your body hurts.

In that narrow band, your blood sugar levels are smooth.

You burn fat. Your preserve muscle mass. Your metabolism is at peak. Your brain has the right amount of sugar and you are focused and alert. Your energy is good. Your are not hungry and do not crave. You are in “The Zone”.

Blood sugar levels and effects

> Calories

There are basically three groups that break down into energy (calories) in the body: carbohydrates (often called ‘carbs” for short), fats and protein

Of these, only carbohydrates end up as glucose and raise blood sugar. Fats and proteins also can be converted to sugar but it is very low and inefficient process.

It is all about the carbohydrates. They can spike your blood sugar. That is why the other diet = the “low fat” diet failed miserably. The less fat we were told to eat, the more carbs that we had to eat to “fill up our stomachs”.

Good carb and bad carb

The GI diet does not seek to remove carbs. It accepts that if you want to manage blood sugar, you have the manage the carbs. Not all carbs are bad, Some are good – fruits and vegetables.

They are packed with fibre and nutrients.

They raise the blood sugar slowly and prevent it from dropping fast. They get you off the blood sugar roller coaster.

On the other hand, there are bad carbs. There are sugars and starches that are refined – with the fibre and nutrients mercilessly removed. They look pure and white. They are also deadly as far as your blood sugar is concerned. They cause blood sugar to rise and plunge rapidly.

A fad?

If you fill your stomach with lots of low GI foods packed with fats and proteins, your functions are like a peak performing machine. You are in “the Zone”.

So, it the low GI diet a fad diet? Far from it. It has been around since 1979. It was before Atkins and the low carbs diets became the norm. It has stood the test of time. A recent meta-analysis that was published in the American Journal of Nutrition showed this diet to be more effective over long term of weight management and diabetes. It was found the most sustainable compared to all the other diets.

If is such a great diet and had been around for so long, why have I not heard of it?

Maybe, it is because the two scientists behind it – David Jenkins and Tom Wolever (and I know them both personally) – are simple, humble down to earth guys who did not write a book or go on a talk show with Oprah.

Also, the low GI diet can be quite complicated. It not so easy the low fat diet – eat less fat and you will not fat – message.

Still it works and has stood test of time and is slowly gaining acceptance and prominence. You should take heed.

Over the next three weeks, I am going to take you a guided tour of the low GI diet and give you some tip, tricks and tools that will make your eat varied, fun and most important, healing.

In a Nutshell

>All carbs become sugar.

> Sugar is a the body’s primary fuel.

> Sugar needs to get used as energy.

> Excess sugar must be removed or it has damaging consequences.

> The low GI diet is the best way to keep the blood sugar in tight check.

Datuk Dr Rajen Manicka is the CEO of Holista Colltech Ltd, a listed company in Australia. The views expressed here are solely the writer’s own.

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