Hartalega develops “germ-killing” gloves, to be launched in 2018

Hartalega managing director Kuan Mun Leong.

Hartalega managing director Kuan Mun Leong.

KUALA LUMPUR: Hartalega Holdings Bhd has produced its “antimicrobial” nitrile examination gloves which can kill germs within five minutes of contact. 

The world’s largest manufacturer of nitrile gloves said on Friday the antimicrobial activity is concentrated at the outer surface of the gloves and does not leach out.

“Bacteria coming into contact with the glove surface will be exposed to the antimicrobial activity which, in independent testing, has achieved up to a five-log (99.999%) kill within five minutes of contact,” it said. 

Tests of the efficacy of the antimicrobial medical examination gloves against important viruses and fungi that cause infections are underway. 

Hartalega managing director Kuan Mun Leong said: “We are scheduled to launch in the market in early 2018.” 

The antimicrobial medical examination gloves can provide an additional layer of protection against hospital-acquired infections.

The company jointly developed the patented technology with UK-based Antimicrobial R&D specialists Chemical Intelligence Ltd, achieving a world-first process for incorporating antimicrobial activity in medical examination gloves during the manufacturing process. 

Kuan described the new product as a game-changer which would raise the level of Malaysia’s glove manufacturing industry. 

He expected it to have potentially far-reaching effects on the global healthcare sector. 

“Traditionally, medical examination gloves are a passive barrier to reduce the risks of transmission of infection in healthcare settings. With this state-of-the-art technology, we are able to develop gloves that provide active protection.” 

The anti-microbial nitrile examination gloves would be attractive to hospitals and other users such as residential care homes because of their potential to reduce hospital acquired infections arising from contamination of the gloved hands of healthcare workers, patients and/or near-patient touch surfaces. 

“We have successfully conducted production trials and further clinical studies are planned to quantitate the benefits of using antimicrobial medical examination gloves in clinical settings. 

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