PKNS: 1,097 bumiputras registered to buy 674 Datum Jelatek condos

Datum Jelatek Project Action Committee (BBPDJ) chairman Salleh Samad (left) handing over the memorandum to protest the construction of Datum Jelatek to MB,s private secretary Shuhaimi Shafiei (right) at Shah Alam Sunday

PETALING JAYA: A total of 1,097 potential bumiputra buyers have shown interest in the 674 units of the controversial Datum Jelatek condominiums, debunking allegations that the Malays could not afford to purchase the luxury units.

Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) said in a statement that the bumiputra interest shown in the project exceeded expectations.

"As of Jan 14, 2015, the project received overwhelming support and so far, a total of 1,097 bumiputra buyers have registered and this exceeded the 674 units available," said PKNS general manager Azlan Md Alifiah.

On Sunday, hundreds of people protested against the construction of Datum Jelatek luxury condominium in Keramat that turned aggressive. They allegedly broke into the construction site of the project by tearing down the zinc hoardings placed around the project site.

The protestors, led by Datum Jelatek action committee chairman Salleh Samad, claimed that the project would not benefit the Malays, as most could not afford to purchase the condominium.

The condominium, which is being developed by Datumcorp International (DCI), will cost around RM700,000 per unit.

Salleh also claimed that the project would allow the non-Malays to reside in the "100% Malay" area, a notion that the Malays in the area were not prepared to accept.

Azlan said they would initiate a legal action against the "irresponsible quarters" who had caused damage to public property and vandalism at the site.

"What had happened is a disappointment as the demonstration, which was otherwise peaceful, turned violent when some individuals destroyed the hoardings.

"We are looking at this matter seriously and legal action will be taken against those involved. DCI had also lodged a police report on the matter," said Azlan.

On allegations that PKNS had never met with the residents on the implementation on the project, he said both the state subsidiary and DCI had held several meetings with Taman Keramat residents.

"We have organised meetings and dialogues with the residents and we even received positive feedback from all of them," he added.

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