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Media frenzy over five-minute note exchange

KUALA LUMPUR: Ever since the Kim Jong-nam murder on Feb 13, the North Korean Embassy in Bukit Damansara had seen a daily media circus outside its gates with a throng of journalists jostling each other for pictures and shouting out questions to embassy staff or any visitors there.

Word got out yesterday evening that Wisma Putra was delivering an envelope to the embassy.

Only a handful of reporters and photographers were at the scene when the ministry’s Muhammad Haidas Muhammad Sharif Song, an assistant secretary of its East Asia Division, arrived at about 9.30pm to hand over the all-important diplomatic note to the ambassador.

They rushed towards the official hoping to find out what was in the envelope. He refused to say anything as he calmly headed towards the embassy gates, briefly waiting to meet an embassy official.

Muhammad Haidas held an envelope which contained a letter from the ministry that declared North Korean ambassador to Malaysia, Kang Chol, as persona non grata.

The two men maintained their composure as camera lights flashed before them.

“No, no, please,” pleaded the official as he tried to fend off journa­lists’ questions while Muhammad Haidas remained silent.

Both men quickly parted ways after the letter was delivered. All it took was just five minutes.