‘Study hard, you’ll be even cuter’: Primary school teacher’s uplifting personal notes to encourage students touch social media in China

By Liya Su

A teacher in China who gives her students notes of encouragement has gone viral after a mainland news outlet featured her in a story. Messages like: ‘You’ve a lovely voice. If you are brave enough to put your hand up, I’m sure you will be great’, strike a chord online. — SCMP

A primary school teacher in China who gave personal notes with words of encouragement to her students has become a trending story on mainland social media.

In a video posted with a story by the China Youth Daily, the unidentified teacher from Henan province in central China distributed notes to all the students in her class who are seen reading them in the clip.

One little girl, named Xianmiao, holds a note in her hands and stares at the words written on it.

“You’ve a lovely voice. If you are brave enough to put your hand up, I’m sure you will be great,” the teacher wrote in the note.

A boy named Zheng Yi, sitting in the middle of the class, is seen unfolding his note.

Each note is personalised to the individual student and focuses on an area of strength to try and encourage their participation in class. Photo: Baidu

“You look very good when focused on your studies, and your handwriting has improved. Do remember to be brave and not cry. I believe you will become more awesome,” the note said.

Another boy, Zihao, at the back of the classroom, is shown bending forward and reading a note.

“You concentrate in class, and I’ve noticed that. You will be more outstanding,” it said.

Another boy named Haoxiang is seen in the video wiping his eyes after reading his note.

A viral video shows the students’ reactions after reading the personalised notes from their teacher in class. Photo: Baidu

“Your chubby face is cute and if you study hard, you will be even cuter. I want to see you raise your hand to answer questions in class, and I trust you can do it,” his note read.

The story has gone viral on mainland social media, with many people captivated by the teacher’s warm and attentive teaching methods.

One person commented: “The teacher must be an angel.”

A second person said: “It’s so warm.”

“She sets a good example for other teachers,” another said.

“Those children will remember the inspiring words for a long long time,” a fourth commenter added. – South China Morning Post

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