'Haunted' Alexa video goes viral, commenters quick to debunk

While many commenters shared their worry, with some even claiming they would never buy an Alexa speaker after watching the video, others were quick to point out a few facts about the device. — Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

"What you are about to see I believe to be demonic. An evil in our home," Lee said in the video, "Me and my family live with this and try to document it for all to see. The following footage may scare you."

Lee runs the YouTube page Really Haunted, which horrifies its 165,000 subscribers with the alleged paranormal adventures that he records within his home. Now, TikTok users are being scared by the thousands after one of his videos went viral on the social media service. It's an alleged high-tech haunting that's captivating the Internet.

Lee is woken up from his couch in the middle of the night by loud, unrecognisable banging sounds. The Alexa device in the nearby room suddenly activates.

"She was my wife," the Alexa speaker said. Lee quickly, and quite casually, responded, "Who was your wife?"

"You took her from me," the Alexa speaker said. "I didn't take anyone," Lee retorted. "Who? Tell me who you want. You've got the wrong person."

"I found her here," the Alexa speaker said. The speaker then began laughing before Lee decided to turn off the device, ending the video.

Commenters were quick to point out a number of suspicious things about the video, which was posted on TikTok by user Ghost Toast.

"If u watch closely u can also see an orb go into his back and shortly afterwards he starts showing pain in his shoulder," one commenter said.

"Noise sounded like a big dog going crazy on the hard floor. Because the guy doesn't seem too rattled by it. The ticking is different tho," the video poster said, responding to another commenter's question about the loud banging noise in the beginning of the video.

While many commenters shared their worry, with some even claiming they would never buy an Alexa speaker after watching the video, others were quick to point out a few facts about the device.

"In the Alexa app there's a thing called drop in where you can talk through your phone and theres one that you can type and it says it in Alexas voice," a commenter said.

They are correct. Drop in and announcements are two Alexa features that allow you to dictate messages to your Alexa speaker, which will then voice the messages unprompted. A text to voice feature also exists, which allows you to dictate messages via text to your Alexa.

While the video is being shared across TikTok, it originated from YouTube in June. Lee runs the Really Haunted YouTube page to share his "love for all things spooky."

"This channel will document my adventures at home and from around the world as i explore terrifying myths and legends in my search for proof of an after life," he said on his YouTube page.

Lee states that the videos on his page are for entertainment purposes.

"Like all ghost hunting shows, any footage should be treated as for entertainment purposes only," Lee said. "These are our personal experiences living in a haunted house and haven't been validated by any scientific institutions."

The original video runs just under 20 minutes and provides a little more insight into the alleged paranormal event.

In the video, Lee said that he could not identify the origin of the banging noises that woke him up, but said they sounded like they originated in his kitchen.

This, however, is just one of dozens of haunting videos that the UK native has captured and posted to his page. For a full view of what Lee has to offer, visit youtube.com/c/ReallyHaunted. – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Tribune News Service

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