Maxis adds three new plans to its Home Fibre offering

Maxis adds three new plans to its existing Home Fibre plans. — Maxis

Maxis adds three new plans to its existing Home Fibre plans. — Maxis

Maxis expands its home fibre broadband service with new speeds of 300Mbps (megabits per second), 500Mbps and 800Mbps for RM149, RM219 and RM299 respectively.

This is on top of the 30Mbps at RM89; and 100Mbps at RM129 Home Fiber plans already available for its customers.

Subscribers to the new plans will also receive unlimited monthly data quota, as well as unlimited local voice calls.

Maxis states that there will be a 24-month contract for new signups, and all existing customers who are given new devices to support the subscribed plan will be re-contracted for 24 months as well.

Maxis has also introduced a new product, Mesh WiFi, which it claims will provide a better and seamless WiFi connection by increasing the coverage area within the unit.

“Traditional range extenders are designed to help expand the reach of your wireless network, which in turn reduces speed and impacts performance levels,” it states on the FAQ on its website.

It further claims that the new device transmits its signal at full power, giving better and more reliable broadband coverage. The device will reportedly not break Internet connection as the users move around their home and automatically connects devices to the node with the strongest WiFi signal.

The plug-and-play device is priced at RM300 each and is available at selected Maxis stores. Check here to find where you can purchase this device.

Those who subscribe to the 500Mbps plan and above will receive two complimentary units, and can also purchase additional Mesh WiFi units if necessary.

Find out the Maxis home fibre broadband speed and coverage in your area here.

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