New Twitter update will let users hide replies to tweets

?stanbul, Turkey - August 28, 2017: Woman using smart phone on a wooden desk. The smart phone is an iPhone 6 plus displaying Twitter application. iPhone is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple Inc.

Twitter will be experimenting with a new feature that will let users hide replies to their tweet. This move, the social media platform claims, will help “people feel safe on Twitter”.

Twitter executives Donald Hicks and David Gasca in joint blog post said that “building a Twitter free of abuse, spam and other things that distract from the public conversation” is the firm’s top priority.

“Starting in June, we’ll be experimenting with ways to give people more control over their conversations by giving them an option to hide replies to their tweets,” the post states.

Earlier this year, Twitter senior product manager Yasmeen Haq discussed the new feature and how it affects is users.

“We think the transparency of the hidden replies would allow the community to notice and call out situations where people use the feature to hide content they disagree with,” Haq wrote.

The feature allows the person who started the conversation to choose to hide replies to their tweets, although the hidden replies would be viewable by others through a menu option. However, not everyone is impressed with the new addition. 




Hicks and Gasca added that there is always more they can do to make Twitter a safe platform for its users and shared some of the progress the firm has made so far.

They shared that 100,000 accounts were suspended for creating new accounts after a suspension during January to March this year, and three times more abusive accounts suspended within 24 hours after a report compared to the same time last year.


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