The Google Cemetery memorialises defunct services

  • Tech News
  • Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018

From Google Answers to Google+, the Google Cemetery website takes stock of 40 defunct services abandoned over the years by the Mountain View, California firm. 

Remember Page Creator, Buzz and Labs? Or how about the more recently sidelined Picasa, Talk or This online "cemetery" pays homage, in its own way, to all of the services that Google has decided to discontinue, replace or rebuild over the course of its 20-year existence. 

The website also explains why each of the 40 services listed was scrapped, and by which service it was replaced, where applicable. Famous names featured in this online memorial include Google Video, which saw all of its content progressively migrated to YouTube, and Picasa, which was replaced by Google Photos. 

The list also includes certain short-lived services, such as Lively, a web-based virtual environment that launched and closed in 2008, and Spaces, for group discussions and messages, launched in 2016 then shut down the following year. 

Visit Google Cemetery here. – AFP Relaxnews


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