This week in video game trailers: Fortnite Playground Mode, Anthem, Semblance

The Fortnite Playground Mode got it right after a second take. — AFP Relaxnews

The Fortnite Playground Mode got it right after a second take. — AFP Relaxnews

After a stuttering start, the Fortnite Playground Mode proves a big non-confrontational hit, Anthem goes public with its closed-doors E3 demo, and Semblance puts a cute slime blob in a modelling clay environment, while Fire Pro Wrestling World goes big with a cult Japanese franchise and the play, create, share of MagiCats Builder readies for launch across mobile and PC.

Fortnite Playground Mode

As some kind of otherworldly rift slowly tears open the Fortnite Battle Royale mode in advance of Season 5's arrival, Playground Mode launches after a couple of misfires, and gives small groups of friends an hour at a time of collaborative, creative construction experience. Goes offline on July 12 with a view to bringing it back permanently.


With sci-fi action title Anthem to make its debut in February 2019, here's a look at a 20-minute slice previously shown off in private demonstrations during June's Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Due on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac from July 24, this squishy, shape-deforming adventure has players squeeze the energetic main character through a malleable, moveable world where floors and walls have to be bumped into place as if they were made from slabs of modelling clay.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

A gripping grappling technique and customisable wrestlers help this cult sports franchise stand out, and this video preview serves as an introduction not only to the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise but also the New Japan Pro-Wrestling organisation as a whole.

MagiCats Builder

Launching out of an open-access beta on July 10, this looks like a typical side-on jump'n'run platform game but has a heavy DIY element to it, encouraging players to make their own levels and share them widely. — AFP Relaxnews