Maxis: Watch any World Cup match at just RM1 per game

If you think that RM1 cannot get you anything substantial today, think again. Maxis has announced its Astro World Cup match pass that lets users view any World Cup game for just RM1.

On top of that, users will also receive free data to stream the match on their mobile.

All Maxis, Hotlink and Hotlink Flex users are eligible to buy the pass to watch any World Cup match.

To get the pass, users need to go to their Maxis, Hotlink Red or Hotlink Flex apps, and select the match before confirming purchase.

They will receive a coupon code on the app, as well as via an SMS, which can be used to view the match on the Astro Go app or Astro Go web portal.

Maxis states that users will only be charged upon receiving the coupon and not at the point of purchase. If a purchase is not successful, the user will be notified via SMS. Sales for each match will also stop three hours before the game begins.

The pass is valid for the duration of the purchased game, which includes pre-match, match time and highlights.

However, the Maxis Astro World Cup match passes are not applicable outside of Malaysia. For more information, visit