Never lose your family and friends ever again

The device can link up to 12 people at one time. — Lynq

The device can link up to 12 people at one time. — Lynq

Ever been in a situation where you cannot find your family, friends or even pets although you are literally in the same area, say at a huge festival or party?

Add to that a phone with a flat battery, or terrible Internet connection, and the chances of you reuniting with them just dissipates gradually. Okay, maybe it isn't that dramatic.

Cue Lynq, a device that reportedly can tell how far and in which direction the users are. It doesn't require phones, WiFi connection, cellular networks, maps or apps to work, and there are no monthly or subscription fees involved.

The device can link up to 12 people at one time, and claims to use algorithms that blend GPS, long range, low power radio communication with a custom antenna to track their locations for as far as 4.8km.

Users can create a meet-up location for the group to gather at, and even set up a designated safe zone which alerts other users the instant someone breaches the perimeter.

A single charge can supposedly provide three days of battery life to the waterproof device, which has an easy clip carabiner that can be attached to humans and even animals, so it's a great way for families to keep track of their children and pets, as well as friends looking out for each other.

There is a pre-order campaign for Lynq on Indiegogo, where early birds get to purchase a pair of the device for US$154 (RM610), and with an additional US$20 (RM80) delivery fee for addresses in Malaysia.

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