The essence of nourishing vitality for career-driven parents

Brand’s latest essence of chicken with cordyceps is a fusion of traditional and modern wellness to supplement a hectic lifestyle.

IN TODAY’S bustling life of working professionals, maintaining peak physical and mental performance is not just an afterthought — it's a necessity.

For career-focused parents, this need to balance the demands of a professional life with the joy and responsibilities of family is even more pronounced.

That is why keeping a healthy lifestyle is paramount and taking natural products like chicken extract can help the body boost its immune system, ensuring it functions at its best capacity.

Brand’s latest offering, essence of chicken with cordyceps aims to bolster both energy stores and immunity of busy professionals.

It is said to uplift vitality and enhance the immune system to be better equipped to handle a high-octane lifestyle.

Cordyceps is a type of fungus valued in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, known for improving overall immunity, respiratory health and physical endurance due to its potent effects.

Relevance in modern health

Suntory Beverage and Food Malaysia marketing head for health enrichment Eunice Kow clarifies some misconceptions the public may have regarding the relevance of cordyceps in the modern health landscape.

She comments that recent scientific studies have begun to validate the traditional uses of cordyceps.

Kow saw that cordyceps would be a beneficial addition to the original product in meeting the needs of today’s go-getters.Kow saw that cordyceps would be a beneficial addition to the original product in meeting the needs of today’s go-getters.

“Research indicates that it can boost the immune system by increasing the production of certain immune messengers in the body like interleukin, a type of protein that is crucial for fighting off infections.

“Additionally, its antioxidant properties help to combat oxidative stress, potentially slowing down the ageing process and reducing inflammation,” Kow continues, indicating how cordyceps can strengthen the functions of the lungs, kidneys and liver.

Help for the busy bee

Working professionals often find themselves stretched thin between the demands of work and the duties of family.

To manage the different facets of life, people are increasingly turning to natural and holistic health aids.

Kow observed a significant demand from busy individuals who need an energy boost that also supports their immunity while juggling multiple energy-depleting loads, from meeting deadlines to taking care of children and their households.

With all this in mind, Brand’s saw the need for a natural health solution that would easily and seamlessly fit in with busy schedules.

This easy-to-reach beverage aims to boost one’s general health while also enhancing energy and endurance without the jitters associated with caffeine and other side effects.

Cordyceps is an effective fungus that can improve overall immunity, health, and physical endurance. Cordyceps is an effective fungus that can improve overall immunity, health, and physical endurance.

A boost of energy

Brand’s essence of chicken with cordyceps is not an afternoon pick-me-up to help make it to the end of the day; it is about thriving throughout the day.

While the original essence of chicken product can help boost energy and improve concentration, the addition of cordyceps amplifies these benefits by giving additional immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, helping these workers last longer.

Each glass bottle is a reservoir of nutritional goodness without compromising quality and ready to be consumed on-the-go. The double-boiling method ensures every drop is packed with the benefits that both chicken essence and cordyceps provide.

For those trying this product for the first time, Kow says to expect a unique herbal sweetness from the cordyceps extract. This will complement the umaminess from the chicken essence.

Kow also shares the beverage’s uniqueness in that it can be enjoyed at various temperatures, yielding different taste notes each time.

Have it at room temperature to taste the product in its normal herbal sweetness. Chilling it before drinking will result in a lighter smell and taste or enjoy it warm for a soothing herbal soup experience.

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