Elevating the travel experience

THE choice of travel luggage is essential for travellers, impacting their comfort, convenience, and overall experience throughout their journeys.

From durability and functionality to style to sustainability, selecting the right luggage is crucial for enhancing travel enjoyment and efficiency.

Samsonite has been an enduring symbol of quality and innovation since 1910, assisting travellers in undertaking on their adventures with confidence and sophistication through meticulously designed luggage solutions that prioritise durability, practicality and an appealing aesthetics.

This year, the renowned brand is making waves with its annual Luggage Trade-in campaign, aligning its commitment to innovation with a strong focus on sustainability.

From May 10 to June 23, travellers of all kinds are invited to participate in this initiative that not only refreshes their luggage but also contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

This campaign goes beyond the simple act of exchanging old luggage for new.This initiative spotlights the brand’s journey of crafting exceptional products and its commitment to be more sustainable in their efforts by recycling, repurposing or disposed of ethically collected pre-loved luggage.

By encouraging customers to bring in pre-loved luggage of any brand, condition, and size, Samsonite promotes the principles of recycling and repurposing, reducing waste, and supporting ethical disposal practices.

Samsonite’ NUON and Magnum Eco collections are designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers.Samsonite’ NUON and Magnum Eco collections are designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers.

The offerings

Central to this campaign are Samsonite's NUON and Magnum Eco collections - each designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers.

NUON collection: Style and functionality combined

The NUON collection embodies contemporary design with a focus on functionality.

Travellers seeking a luggage set that stands out will appreciate the sleek, boxy aesthetic of NUON, available in eye-catching colours like Metallic Dark Blue, Matte Graphite and Metallic Red.

NUON is available in sizes ranging from 55cm to 75cm, which offers ample packing space alongside innovative features, with prices starting from RM899.40 after a 40% discount.

Beyond its striking appearance, NUON boasts practical features tailored for the modern traveller:

> Shock and noise-reducing wheels: The inclusion of specialised wheels ensures a smooth and quiet glide through various surfaces, reducing the impact of bumps and noise.

> Expander for storage flexibility: Whether packing light or preparing for an extended trip, the expander feature offers added storage space, adapting to changing travel needs effortlessly.

> USB port (cabin size): For added convenience, the cabin-sized NUON includes a USB port, allowing residents to charge their devices on the go - a thoughtful addition for tech-savvy adventurers.

With a 10-year warranty, TSA-compliant combi lock, anti-theft security zipper, and ergonomic double-tube wheel handle, NUON combines durability and security with a touch of innovation, ensuring that every journey is as smooth and secure as possible.

Magnum Eco collection: Lightweight and secure

For travellers seeking a secured 3-point locking system, the Magnum Eco collection presents an appealing option.

The Magnum Eco collection is available in a variety of colours - Summer Blue, Forest Green, Graphite, Midnight Blue and Maple Orange, with sizes ranging from 55cm to 75cm, and prices starting from RM959.40 after discount.

Using recycled post-consumer waste, the large-sized Magnum Eco luggage integrates 483 recycled yogurt cups for its exterior shell and incorporates 14 recycled PET bottles for its interior lining fabric.

Magnum Eco collection stands out for its exceptional lightweight design and security features:

> 3-point locking system: The 3-point locking system enhances security, offering peace of mind during travels.

> Lightweight design: Despite its durable build, Magnum Eco remains remarkably light, making it effortless to maneuver through airports and busy streets.

> Craftsmanship and quality: Each piece in the Magnum Eco reflects Samsonite’s dedication to quality and innovation, showcasing European manufacturing expertise at its finest.

Samsonite Magnum Eco also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Engaging the target audience

Samsonite's Luggage Trade-in campaign is not merely a promotional event; it's a call to action for conscious travellers.

By combining quality, lightweight design, and a reputable brand name, Samsonite appeals to a demographic that values both functionality and quality consumerism.

This campaign encourages individuals to embark on unforgettable journeys while making a positive impact on the environment—a message that resonates strongly with today's socially and environmentally aware consumers.

From Luggage Trade-in to Transformation - Closing the loop, one journey at a time

Beyond offering 40% discounts and showcasing innovative products, Samsonite reinforces their commitment to safeguarding the nation's natural environment by teaming up with Kloth Cares to recycle, repurpose or disposed of ethically all collected pre-loved luggage.

Kloth Cares is an environmental, economic, and social impact brand that aspires to become the catalyst of the textiles, clothing, and plastics circular economy in Asia Pacific.

On top of that, for every successful luggage trade-in transaction, Samsonite will donate RM10 to WWF-Malaysia. Funds raised will be channelled to WWF-Malaysia's conservation efforts to protect the country's natural environment. Trade in for an enriching experience and elevate your journey with them.

For those looking to upgrade their travel gear with purpose and style, Samsonite's NUON and Magnum Eco collections offer more than just luggage—they represent a step forward in making conscious lifestyle choices.

To know more on the campaign, visit https://bit.ly/4a2bgmk

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