Charting a dynamic path in accountancy

Taylor’s College stands as a guiding force, supported by a robust pastoral care system that elevates the educational journey for students enrolled in their ACCA programme.

WITHIN the dynamic landscape of accountancy, a profound transformation is underway, challenging outdated perceptions and reshaping the profession into a strategic and globally expansive field.

Accountants, no longer confined to mere number-crunching, have evolved into strategic partners adept at navigating intricate regulatory landscapes. Their pivotal role in advocating for good governance and ethical business practices positions them as key players in shaping the financial future of businesses and organisations.

At the forefront of technological advancements, accountancy is undergoing a revolution with the seamless integration of technology. From data analytics to artificial intelligence, this dynamic fusion of finance and technology not only maintains the profession's relevance but also injects an exciting and innovative dimension into the field.

The demand for skilled accountants extends beyond national borders, as the global business landscape heavily relies on professionals well-versed in international financial standards.

Pursuing studies in accountancy not only provides a comprehensive education but also opens doors to diverse opportunities in multinational corporations, offering a chance to make substantial contributions to global financial management and compliance.

In the unwavering pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth, Taylor’s College stands as a guiding force, supported by a robust pastoral care system that elevates the educational journey for students enrolled in their Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) programme.

The institution has forged an exclusive partnership with Birmingham City University (BCU), a renowned business school in the United Kingdom.

ACCA students from Taylor's College can complete their last four papers at Birmingham City University.ACCA students from Taylor's College can complete their last four papers at Birmingham City University.

This collaboration allows students to complete their final four ACCA strategic professional papers at BCU, followed by a one-semester professional placement that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Beyond traditional classroom confines, students gain privileged access to BCU’s expansive industry network, ensuring exposure to real-world scenarios and fostering invaluable connections.

Taylor's College School of Diploma and Professional Studies head Wong Chee Kong emphasised the nurturing environment that sets the institution apart.

“At Taylor’s College, students are nurtured by experienced lecturers who have both professional qualifications and real-world experience in the accounting profession.

"The students will be taught by individuals who have walked the path of a professional.

"Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, providing experiences to prepare them for a study journey abroad."

Wong added: "Additionally, with the rich resources that both institutions offer, it sets our students on a trajectory for success in their future careers."

Birmingham City University regional head for East and Southeast Asia Lisa Hwang highlighted the collaborative effort to prepare students for the modern business world.

"Our partnership goes beyond textbooks and lectures.

"Students actively engage in international business games, placements, workshops, live briefs, and guest lectures from industry professionals.

"This direct exposure to global experts ensures that students receive a high-quality education, propelling them towards a thriving career in the dynamic field of accounting."

A standout feature of this collaboration is the opportunity for students to attain a master's degree - the MSc in International Professional Accounting whilst also studying and preparing towards the ACCA Strategic Professional examinations.

This dual qualification not only enhances credentials but also provides a distinct industry advantage, swinging open doors to a broader spectrum of career opportunities.

Moreover, graduates become eligible to apply for a two-year work visa in the UK with a Master’s degree, setting the stage for global professional pursuits.

“We are ecstatic to be collaborating with BCU for the ACCA programme, as they are a Platinum Approved Learning Partner and have an exceptional teaching team.

"The two institutions share this same vision to produce the best accounting professionals who are acknowledged on a global scale, and our aspiration is that more students from Taylor’s College will seize the opportunity to immerse themselves in international study, leveraging not only the academic experience but also tapping into an extensive industry network for a competitive edge in their future career endeavours,” Wong explained.

Fizrun Hakim and Jenny Ho are the first batch of students from Taylor’s College who is currently pursuing their last four ACCA papers at BCU. They have been enriched by experienced lecturers, have had extensive networking opportunities and practical insights by industry professionals over the past two months.

To join them on this exciting journey with the best of both worlds and to find out more, visit here.

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