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A POPULAR folklore about the mooncake is that Chinese rebels hid messages in the pastry to disseminate information to the people–which led to the uprising that overthrew the Mongol-ruled Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and led to the establishment of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

While historians have dispelled this legend, it makes for an interesting tale. In modern times, the mooncake– while not a vessel for rebellion communication–does convey a message of love and appreciation when gifted to family and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

At AEON, you will be spoiled for choice with the variety of mooncakes available and value-for-money deals. In fact, it is working towards entering the Malaysia Book of Records as the retailer with the most variety of mooncakes. From traditional baked-skin mooncakes to snowskin versions in an assortment of classic and unique flavours, AEON has arguably the most options for customers.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is also the season of gifting, these beautifully-designed mooncake gift sets make the perfect gift for the family, relatives and friends, and to show appreciation to business associates.

Oversea Custard Lava Beryl’s Gourmet Chocolate

Duria Musang King Durian MooncakeDuria Musang King Durian Mooncake

Oversea Custard Lava (left) and Beryl’s Gourmet Chocolate Mooncake Collection (Box of 4)Oversea Custard Lava (left) and Beryl’s Gourmet Chocolate Mooncake Collection (Box of 4)

Durian delights

• Duria presents Souled Out Musang King Durian Mooncake (RM148) and the Night of Brilliance Blackthorn Charcoal and Original Mooncake (RM188). Also, 100% Musang King purée snowy mini mooncake in Teddy Box (RM48).

• Musang King durian snowy mooncake from Hernan (RM24.90 per piece), Musang King durian and pandan snowy mooncake six-piece set (RM128) and Black Thorn durian snowy mooncake four piece set (RM138).

Other durian mooncake brands at selected AEON outlets include La Boheme, Baker’s Cottage, HK Bay, Fai Fong, Kam Lun Tai, Yu Ai, etc.

Hernan Black Thorn Durian Snowy MooncakeHernan Black Thorn Durian Snowy Mooncake

Local flavours

• Oversea offers Custard Lava six-in-one gift set (RM98) and Opulent Treasure eight-in-one gift set (RM168).

• Casahana gift sets include Mid Autumn Dynasty, Supreme Custard Lava and Moonlit Marvel (RM109.90 to RM139.90).

• Chocolate lovers can savour Beryl’s chocolate mooncakes, available in nine flavours. Box of 4 (RM138), Box of 8 (RM 268).

• Dade’s range makes for exquisite gifts. Get the Dade D’Joy Moon Box (RM258), or the Dade D’Joy Moon Bag (RM108).

AEON members get a 10% discount for the aforementioned Oversea, Casahana, Beryl’s and KMT variants.

Dade D’Joy Moon BagDade D’Joy Moon Bag

Casahana Supreme Custard LavaCasahana Supreme Custard Lava

Korean flavours

This is the KMT Korean Mooncake Box range, which features flavours such as honey jujube, with or without yolk; honey ginger, with or without yolk; and honey citron, as well as the Maxim Coffee Mooncake. Each mooncake is priced at RM22.50 and weighs 165g.

KMT Korean Mooncake BoxKMT Korean Mooncake Box

Macau brand

• Macau Hong Hong gift sets: Jin Zun White Lotus 2 Yolk (RM100), Jin Qiu Xin Yi (RM150), and Hua Hao Yue Yuan (RM80).

Macau Hong Hong Hua Hao Yue Yuan Macau brandMacau Hong Hong Hua Hao Yue Yuan Macau brand

Hong Kong brand

• Get the Hong Kong MX Mooncakes “Disney 100th Anniversary Collection” Vinyl Record Player Mooncake Gift Box (RM195), the LINE FRIENDS meets MX - Radio Mooncake Gift Box (RM160) or the “Pixar Toy Story Collection Lotso” Mooncake Gift Box (RM169).

Hong Kong MX Mooncakes “Disney 100th Anniversary Collection” Vinyl Record Player Mooncake Gift BoxHong Kong MX Mooncakes “Disney 100th Anniversary Collection” Vinyl Record Player Mooncake Gift Box

Great value

Get AEON’s RM100 mooncake voucher at RM10 off. You can use the vouchers from now till Sept 29 for mooncake purchases at selected AEON stores and MaxValu Prime.

AEON members also get a 10% discount on selected mooncake items.AEON members also get a 10% discount on selected mooncake items.

Weekly prizes

Vote for your favourite mooncakes and brands at AEON now to win RM10 AEON e-gift vouchers. Be the first 100 weekly to cast your vote and win RM10 AEON e-gift vouchers for your next shopping spree at AEON.

Visit here to take part in the AEON Members’ Choice Award Mid Autumn 2023 contest.

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