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  • Monday, 10 Jun 2019

I WOULD like to extend my condolences to the family of Lance Corporal Mohd Isyraf Ismail who was killed after he was hit by a speeding motorcycle on Jalan Persisiran Perling, Johor Baru, on June 1.

The member of the mobile policing vehicle (MPV) unit and his comrade, Lance Corporal Muhammad Syakir Safwan Khairudin, were hit by the motorcycle while checking out a van at 6.40am.

Mohd Ishraf, 27, who was the patrol car driver, died on the spot due to severe head injuries while Muhammad Syakir, 29, and the 36-year-old motorcyclist were injured.

The incident shows that police personnel face various risks and dangers every day, especially those who work on the ground such as traffic policemen and MPV personnel.

I believe that the latest incident will not demotivate the police from continuing their task of safeguarding the people and the security of the country.

All parties should respect and appreciate the sacrifice made by police personnel who are willing to perform their duty at odd hours while risking their lives in many instances.

Road users should also be cautious and abide by the law and follow the instructions given by the police at all times to avoid accidents – especially during the rainy season or when it’s dark.

To prevent the same tragedy from recurring, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is willing to assist the police to increase the level of occupational safety and health among their personnel, including those who perform their duties on roads and highways.

The occupational safety and health aspect while working along roads is very important due to the fact that even a small mistake could cause a fatal accident.

For example, failure to set out safety cones at a safe distance may expose both the police officers and their vehicle parked on the roadside to the risk of being hit by another vehicle.

NIOSH has already developed an occupational safety and health induction training module known as the Highway Operations Safety Passport for employees and contractors of PLUS Malaysia Berhad.

It could be used to develop similar modules for law enforcement personnel working along roads and highways.

NIOSH is committed to lending its expertise to help the police and other enforcement agencies train their personnel to be more aware of dangers and risks while discharging their duty.

Currently, NIOSH has also established safety passport programmes with companies in other industries such as oil and gas, power and water supply, telecommunications, food, etc.



National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Senior Vice-Chairman, Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation


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