Put returnees under strict supervision

IT is quite worrying that Malaysians who joined terror groups abroad, including in Syria, would be allowed to return to the country.

Bukit Aman’s Counterterrorism Division chief Datuk Ayob Khan told Al Jazeera in an interview in March this year that they would be allowed to come back if they complied with checks and enforcement and complete a one-month government rehabilitation programme.

He gave assurance that thorough checks and investigation would be done on each returnee.

I strongly believe these individuals should be treated as criminals and must be investigated for crimes such as murder, causing hurt with or without weapons, rape and damage to property. Investigations must encompass all aspects of war crimes as defined by international law.

They fact that they chose to take up arms and wage war in a foreign country makes them more dangerous than common criminals.

Using preventive laws on them would be the appropriate approach here but these laws are no longer relevant in a modern democratic society.