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  • Saturday, 26 Jan 2019

I REFER to “Why some motorists break the law” (The Star, Jan 24) by Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

In my opinion, the safest place on the road should be at traffic lights junctions ... if everyone obeys the rule.

But, numerous accidents have taken place at this point simply because motorists, especially motorcyclists, beat the traffic lights.

It is high time the Transport Ministry, Road Transport Department and the police swing into action to put a stop to this.

Motorcyclists are also seen riding without helmets. Where is the enforcement?

I would also like to suggest that superbikes be banned from highways. They zoom in and out of lanes at high speed. If they are to use highways, then they must stick to their lanes.

I agree with the writer that discounts for traffic summonses should not be given. Firstly, it is unfair to those who have diligently settled their summonses, and secondly, these summonses are for offences committed, so the offenders must be punished. If summonses are not settled within the stipulated period, the offenders must be hauled to court.

The setting up of roadblocks occasionally is good but they should be at appropriate times and locations so as not to cause undue traffic congestion. I concur with the writer that the majority of road users in this country are law-abiding but the presence of a few offenders causes problems on the roads, affecting the peace of mind and safety of law-abiding ones.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, traffic flow is expected to be very heavy and enforcement should be strict and fair. No one should be spared as no one is above the law.


Alor Setar

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