QuickCheck: Did a high-speed car chase in Taiping cause a police car to crash?

Recently, a video went viral showing a police mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) chasing a pick-up truck on a stretch of highway.

In the video, the pick-up was scrapping against other vehicles during its escape.

A picture was also circulated showing that the police car was wrecked as a result of the chase.

Did this incident happen on the North-South Expressway in Taiping, Perak?



When contacted, the Taiping police confirmed that the incident happened at about 7pm on Monday (Feb 19). They also confirmed that the Taiping police would investigate the crash while the Ipoh police would investigate the chase.

According to reports, the chase began South at the Changkat Jering Toll Plaza. The policeman who gave chase ordered the suspect to stop three times during the incident.

It is reported that the police car crashed as a result of a metal object being thrown from the pick-up hitting the police car.

The police officer in the car was said to have sustained minor injuries.

It is unclear if the suspect in the pick-up was eventually arrested.

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