Johor govt delegation heading to US to attract investors

KOTA ISKANDAR: Selected personnel of the Johor government will be heading to the United States this month as part of a trade and investment mission to attract investors.

The country is currently embroiled in a trade war with China.

State International Trade, Investment and Utility Committee chairman Jimmy Puah Wee Tse (pic) said the government was working closely with several quarters on the matter.

"We want to attract investors from America that showed interest in moving their business operation from China to Asian countries like Malaysia and in particular, Johor," he added.

He said this in his reply to Chen Kah Eng (PH-Stulang), Datuk Hasni Mohammad (BN-Benut) and Chew Chong Sin (PH-Mengkibol) at the Johor state assembly held at Bangunan Sultan Ismail in Kota Iskandar here on Monday (July 1).

The Bukit Batu assemblyman added the trade tension between the United States and China not only impacted global trade and growth, but also affected the supply chain, which affects businesses, jobs and users.

He said the negative impact from the trade war was expected to increase business costs and financial market instability, as well as affecting investors' confidence.

Puah also said that based on the Finance Ministry's Financial Outlook 2019 report, any development that happens to the country's main trade partner would give an impact towards Malaysia's economic growth.

"The United States contributed to 20% of the global economy, whereas China is 16% and any prolonged conflict will affect global trade.

"Even though there are many countries affected from the crisis, at the moment, our country is among the lucky ones as we are able to benefit from it but must be proactive," he added.

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