Prisons Dept looking into AI technology

KAJANG: The Malaysian Prisons Department is studying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within its facilities.

Prisons Department director-general Datuk Seri Zulkifli Omar said such technology could be used to support the management and administration within and outside prison walls.

“We hope AI incorporation in smart prison systems will enhance safe incarceration and offer second chances to inmates,” he said during his speech at the Intelligent Smart Prison Form at the Prisons Depart­­­­ment Headquarters here yesterday.Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who launched the event, said the forum provides opportunities for the Malay­sian Prisons Department to review its management and operations from the perspective of five developed countries – China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United King­dom.

“Experts from these countries will share their experiences in the use of AI systems.

“They will also share their success stories, challenges and lessons learnt from the implementation of the system,” he said in his opening speech.

He said the effectiveness of smart prisons goes beyond technology.

“It requires a strategy that incorporates continuous research and response to address the practical issues associated with its implementation.

“In embracing smart technology, prisons around the world can learn from each other through existing platforms for regional and international cooperation,” he said.

Muhyiddin said the forum encourages prison administrators to consider the design and implementation of a prison management information system that is tailored to the needs of their institution.

“The Malaysian Prisons Depart­ment is now preparing for a prison reform that will involve improvements in every aspect such as detention, rehabilitation, staff training compliance of regulations, facilities, community correction and inmate reintegration into society.

“In terms of correction facilities, the Home Ministry will continue to make the best efforts in providing complete and appropriate infrastructures, such as rehabilitation centres and a more systematic prison building and management,” he said, adding that we have much to learn from the developed countries on how to improve our prison system.


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