Fizz puzzled by links to negative stories

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  • Friday, 12 Apr 2019


HARIAN Metro reported that actor Datuk Fizz Fairuz (pic) is confused as to why his name is always linked to negative stories.

“Is it written on my forehead that if there’s anything to do with vice, I am the person involved?” he said.

Fizz said he was not pleased that his name had been linked to a case of a Datuk Seri, who was involved in a khalwat (close proximity) case in Pulau Perhentian.

The actor said he was mulling legal action against those spreading the news and had given the culprits one week to issue a public apology.

“What made me angry is that the person (an Instagram user) uploaded a photo of the news report.

“That is slander without investigating and they linked me to this false news,” he added.


> A group of guest relations officers was found hiding in the cupboard of an unlicensed entertainment outlet in Balakong, reported Kosmo!.

Some of them were also found hiding in the ceiling of the karaoke rooms at the outlet.

Selangor police detained 34 individuals including 18 Vietnamese, two Indonesians, two Bangladeshi workers and two local workers.

Police said the premises was suspected to provide sex services for between RM60 and RM100, as well as overnight charges of RM400 if customers brought the girls back home.


> There are many social applications targeted toward homosexuals that are available for download, reported Harian Metro.

More than 10 of these applications are easily found on various online platforms.

The report said the applications, which are free of charge, contained indece nt pictures and videos and were used to sell various services.

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Eddin Syazlee Shith said they would investigate the matter.

He said in general, cases like these came under the jurisdiction of the police, but the Malaysian Com­munications and Multimedia Com­mission (MCMC) was ready to help if there was a need to block access to any websites.

He added that MCMC could take action under Sections 211 and 233 of The Communications and Multi­media Act against individuals who misuse the Internet to spread indecent material or false information.

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