Sandakan hit by flash flood after heavy downpour

KOTA KINABALU: Various roads leading to shops, housing areas and oil palm estates in Sandakan were flooded, following continuous downpour on Tuesday morning (Jan 15).

The flash flood around Kg. Garinono and its surrounding areas led to a standstill in traffic, as many roads were submerged in water.

However, some heavy vehicles such as tankers could still pass through.

It is learnt that authorities, including those from the Civil Defence Department and Fire and Rescue Department. have gone to the scenes to monitor the situation and to check on possible casualties.

There are no reports of any as of 9am as the floodwater start to slowly subside.

Victims, whose houses were hit by rising water, managed to take most of their valuables to higher grounds.

A villager said flash floods happened every time there was continuous heavy downpour.