Textbook delay angers parents

PETALING JAYA: It has been two weeks since the 2019 schools session started but some Form Three Dual Language Programme (DLP) students have yet to receive the full set of their textbooks.

There are currently some 1,363 schools in urban areas which conduct the DLP.

Parents have complained that the English version of the Science and Mathematics textbooks have not been distributed to their children.

This is not the first time as each year since the programme began, there have been delays in the distribution of the English version of the textbooks.

Sivadass, a parent from Shah Alam, said students who opted for English had not received their textbooks and would have to wait until March or April for their books.

“The Bahasa Malaysia version is already out and distributed. It is difficult to understand such incompetence especially in the field of education,” he said.

Johan, a DLP Mathematics teacher in Kelantan, said teachers had resorted to downloading and printing the textbook chapters for their students.

He said currently, only the e-book version of the Form Three DLP textbooks were available through the publisher’s portal.

“Even that is not the full textbook but only up to Chapter Four for both subjects.

“We need to get the (full) textbooks. Imagine how many copies we have to print out,” he said, adding that in his school there were about 25 students in the DLP class.

Johan also said that students had to download the books on their own and hoped the ministry would deliver the books by April.

Another DLP teacher in Petaling Jaya said at her school, even the Bahasa Malaysia version of the two subjects have not arrived.

“Last year we had the same problem. We only got the books around April,” the teacher, identified only as Magdalene said.

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