Longhouse near Sibu damaged during thunderstorm

Residents repairing the rooftop after it was damaged in the thunderstorm.

Residents repairing the rooftop after it was damaged in the thunderstorm.

SIBU: A farmer and his family rushed out from their longhouse in Tanjung Panasu near here after strong winds hit the area during a thunderstorm.

"I was in the house when I felt our rooftop shaking violently. Without a second thought, I quickly called out to my wife to bring the children out of the house," said Keni Jalak.

Still visibly shaken by the 9pm incident on Wednesday (Jan 2), he recalled that at that moment, he prayed for the safety of his family and his neighbour.

Their homes suffered structural damage while several other houses in the same area were also affected by the strong winds and thunderstorm.

Keni, 47, thanked God that none of the residents suffered any injuries as they were able to escape in the nick of time or else they might be hit by the falling ceiling panels.

"We dashed out for safety to a nearby longhouse. About five minutes after the situation had calmed down, we went to check our house and found that it was quite badly damaged," he said.

The walls, wooden pillars, window panes were damaged while the ceiling panels were blown away.

Keni estimated that he suffered RM5,750 in losses.

The Malaysian Meteorology Department had on Dec 30 issued warnings of strong winds and rough seas and heavy rain in many parts of Sarawak which may continue until January.

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