Dr M and his trusty little notebook

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  • Tuesday, 2 Oct 2018

LONDON: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad always carries a small notebook with him and jots down anything that comes to mind about what members of the Cabinet will have to do.

"I note down anything at the moment it comes to mind. If you put it off, you will forget. Write down whatever you can do," the Prime Minister said to Malaysian journalists at the conclusion of his two-leg visit to the United Kingdom on Monday (Oct 1).

He produced his notebook at the meeting but did not allow anyone to read what he had written down.

"I have made notes from the front (of the notebook) and also from the back," he said as he flipped the pages.

Of course, Dr Mahathir took notes too during his visit to the United Kingdom.

He said he would read out the contents of the notebook when chairing Cabinet meetings.

"I see what has to be done; I note that down here (in the notebook). I will read this out at the Cabinet meetings.

"As the Prime Minister, I am in charge overall, but the ministers are the ones who discharge the duties. I have to inform the ministers if there is something they should know so that they can take (the necessary) action," he said. – Bernama

Tun Mahathir Mohamad