‘Most taxi and e-hailing drivers not covered by Socso’

PUTRAJAYA: Less than 5% of taxi and e-hailing drivers have Social Security Organisation (Socso) protection, says Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran.

The minister said only 4,231 out of 90,000 of these drivers were co­vered by Socso.

“Taxi drivers, for example, work long hours and have little rest which could lead to accidents. It is really important for them to have Socso protection.

“They only have to pay RM150 a year, which is less than RM15 a month,” said Kulasegaran at a press conference after launching the Malaysia Commuting Accident and Road Safety Seminar at the Putrajaya Interna­tional Convention Centre here.

Kulasegaran pointed out that Grab driver Aiman Nosri, who was found dead last week, was not co­vered by Socso.

“I sympathise with the family members of the victim because they are not able to get any compensation from Socso even though the victim died while working,” said Kulasegaran.

Aiman, 27, was found with strangulation marks on the neck in his car at a parking lot in Taman Selayang Makmur, near Kuala Lumpur, on June 23.

Kulasegaran said it was compulsory under the law that all employers contribute to Socso to ensure their workers are insured.

“The Government, however, has not been strict on enforcing it as we wanted to be more business-friendly.

“But having a safety net is beneficial not only to the worker but also their next of kin,” he said.

Based on Socso statistics, he said, there were an average of three work-related deaths daily with two occurring during work commutes.

“In 2017, Socso received 69,980 accident reports, and 47% of them were commuting accidents.

“A total of 667 deaths were due to commuting accidents compared to 257 fatalities caused by industrial accidents,” he said.

Kulasegaran said Malaysia could learn from Germany, which reduced the number of commuting accidents to four out of 100,000 compared to Malaysia’s 25 out of 100,000.

He attributed the lower commuting accidents in Germany to the country’s advanced public transportation system.


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