FRIM DG: our people not involved with killing elephant in Gerik, Perak

IPOH: The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has denied that one of the suspects involved with the killing of a male elephant in Hutan Piah, Gerik, works for them.

A FRIM Corporate Communication Unit spokesman said its director-general Datuk Dr Abd Latif Mohmod took immediate action to verify the matter and confirmed that the person implicated was neither a contract staff nor a contractor engaged to provide services to them.

“We are outraged by the senseless killing and appalled at the thought that one of our staff may be involved in this case,” he said, adding that it was important for him to clarify the situation because the report may affect FRIM’s image and reputation.

"FRIM takes a serious view on any misconduct of its employees and gave its assurance to the public that anyone found to be involved in any illegal activities will face severe and immediate action," he added.

It was reported on Tuesday (March 13) that the police had arrested four suspects and seized firearms along with hunting equipment used in illegal hunts in Gerik, northern Perak.

This was following the discovery on Sunday of a 30-year-old male elephant which had been shot dead in the forest, about 15km from the Gerik-Kuala Kangsar road.

Those arrested included a 44-year-old contractor from Kuala Lumpur, a 40-year-old backhoe operator from Kota Baru, Kelantan, a 49-year-old latex seller from Lenggong, Perak and a 40-year-old rubber tapper from Gerik.

Apart from money and equipment used for hunting, other items seized from the suspects included a deer horn and bone pieces, believed to be from a tiger.

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