Caged fish breeders suffer losses due to flood

TEMERLOH: The flood that hit the district early this month not only caused damage to public and private properties, but also caused major losses to caged fish breeders here.

Most of the breeders attributed the death of their fish to several reasons, including the strong river currents on Jan 1 and 2 when the water level of Sungai Pahang began to rise.

Khaidir Ahmad, 55, from Kampung Tebing Tinggi, Lebak, said he suffered losses of more than RM33,000 when more than 5,000 patin and tilapia, as well as 300 kerai fish, died during the flood.

He said the strong river currents caused the fish to suffer wounds as they were cornered and squeezed in the cage.

“The high turbidity level of the river may also have caused the fish gills to be covered with mud and deprived them of oxygen,” Khaidir said.

He added that bacterial infection in the eyes and scales of the fish due to the deterioration in the water quality of Sungai Pahang is also believed to be a lethal factor.

Meanwhile, Temerloh Fisheries Officer Shahidan Roslan said the Fisheries Department had taken samples from the live fish in order to determine the cause of death of thousands of caged fish of several breeders in the district. — Bernama

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