Hiker rescued from Kelantan's Mount Yong Yap

KOTA BARU: A 31-year-old woman had to be rescued from Mount Yong Yap near the Kelantan-Perak border after she suffered breathing difficulties while hiking there.

Rescuers were deployed to rescue the victim, Rahimah Saadun, late Saturday (Jan 13), from the sixth-highest peak in peninsular Malaysia.

With the help of a friend who had alerted the authorities, rescuers managed to locate her near the summit of the 2,168m-high mountain.

She was brought to the Lojing health clinic at 7am Sunday (Jan 14) for treatment and was later transferred to Hospital Gua Musang.

Gua Musang OCPD Supt Mohd Taufik Maidin said a team of police, firemen and members of the Civil Defence Force, were deployed to the site immediately after they were alerted on Saturday night.

"They arrived at the site at about 11pm and trekked up the mountain. They found the victim, who was in a weakened condition, not far from the summit," he said.

It is learnt that Rahimah was suffering from breathing difficulties, hypothermia and muscle cramps.

She was discharged from the Gua Musang hospital at 3.30pm Sunday.

Supt Mohd Taufik said hikers should always report themselves to the nearest police station (before any attempt to scale the mountain) to allow monitoring and tracking in case of emergencies.

"This is important for their own benefit. Unfortunately many hikers ignore such advice," he said.