Latheefa Koya takes to Facebook against PKR member

PETALING JAYA: PKR central leadership council member Latheefa Koya has taken to Facebook to post a series of sternly-worded status updates, fuelling much speculation in the comments section.  

The public posts, which were made from 5pm onwards on Sunday, are believed to be directed at a senior party member.  

“Since he entered, he has fought with almost the entire party’s central leadership. He’s the crisis,” read the first posting, in a stark overlay of white font over a black background.  

The lawyer alleged that the person in question “entered to show face” after the 12th general election after leaving the corporate world over disagreements, but then claimed he had sacrificed a high salary to do so.  

She added that the party has only witnessed “crisis after crisis” since then as a result of his “evil work”, urging readers to remember that he is part of the “Ponorogo gang”.  

Ponorogo is a regency of East Java, Indonesia.  

“He has a bad attitude. If people don’t accept his ideas, he will be jumping, making threats. His gang is in contact with the Ponorogo gang daily.  

“He loves feeding our allies fake stories, where Azmin (Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali) is apparently a certain way, clever to fight, right,” said Latheefa.  

According to her, people who are not familiar with this person are easily swayed by his sweet words.  

“But he is not progressive at all. The public doesn’t realise. His fight with PAS does not mean that he is progressive. Ooh, no. Don’t be deceived. He is a smooth operator,” she added.  

Latheefa went on to say that it is not a case of two camps within PKR, but instead, the issue of one person acting as a "cancer" within the party.  

According to Latheefa, the “PAS gang” is in favour of three-corner fights, as is the “cancer gang”, all of which “worship the same master, Umno”.  

“Since 2011, not only have we not tasted any victory, but we lost badly! Because of his idiotic strategy, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim entered jail even quicker.  

“He has threatened, that if he’s fired or dismissed, he will win because the alternative media worships him. The media will be given his version in a special WhatsApp group with him. They think they get exclusives, but it’s actually fake,” she added.  

According to her, said party member also popularised the term “cartel”, where those who disagreed with him would be labelled as such: “Like a child.”  

Latheefa also addressed those who were angry with her for posting the status updates, and urged them to open their eyes to his antics.  

“He is forcing the party to split into two. He doesn’t attend meetings. But he is only brave to issue ultimatums through the media. This is a coward’s actions,” she said.  

According to her, the senior party member had competed in PKR by carrying false tales and seeking backing from influential people, but was rejected by members.  

She further alleged that he is using his NGO to collect funds and use the money to break up party branches.  

“Not to improve the party, but to create chaos as a Ponorogo strategy. This guy is with Geng Ponorogo to break the party. He is blatantly going against DSAI (Anwar).  

“He has lied about figures and he will continue to do so. He is serving his Ponorogo master. Watch and see. He can never get over the fact that he couldn’t takeover Selangor - so anything goes,” she added.  

Latheefa ended her postings, which had continued till nearly midnight, with the following.  

“He will use several people, give them a bit of money, sweet promises, hold meetings at his office, they feel important lah 

“Then Ponorogo with his gang makes plans, to ensure the breaking of PKR and the Opposition no matter what. Apart from three-cornered fights, there is no other strategy to defeat the Opposition.  

“He forgets that drivers can hear who you’re talking to, who you’re meeting, how much money is handed over… so-called champion of the people… haha, will kantoi (get busted) in the end anyway.”


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