Chong: People with disabilities need to be fairly represented

CYBERJAYA: People with disabilities should be represented in hospitals, the judiciary and the legislature, says Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon.

"We need to uncover the talents of our children with disabilities I hope to see children with special needs assimilated in our society," said Chong.

He said this at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and the Zhengzhou Institute of Technology on Tuesday, adding that it needs commitment from all parties.

Chong lauded Limkokwing University for being at the forefront of providing tertiary education for the hearing impaired.

At present, the university has 150 students with hearing impairments who attend lectures with the help of sign language interpreters.

In an unprecedented move, it will soon see an addition of some 15 students from China's Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, making it the first ever occasion where a group of hearing impaired is coming to study in Malaysia.

"I’m proud of Limkokwing University for equipping lecturers to teach these students and  I’m pleased to know that these hearing-impaired students will be seated in the same classes just as their peers. I hope these students will eventually move on to degree courses here after completing their six-month training,” he said.

The 15 students’ tuition will be sponsored by Limkokwing University, and the programme is a part of a cultural exchange under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 

Upon the completion of their six-month English and Malay sign language programmes, they will be given the option to pursue their degrees at the university.