Sultan Nazrin calls for international law to be upheld by all countries

File pic of Sultan Nazrin

File pic of Sultan Nazrin

KUALA LUMPUR:  The world would be a safer place if international humanitarian law are scrupulously observed and upheld by all countries, said Sultan Nazrin Muizzudin Shah. 

The Sultan of Perak said that he chose to highlight humanitarian disasters and their impact on world peace mainly because the scale of the problem is unprecedented and it is growing increasingly grave. 

During his speech, Sultan Nazrin had to pause for a few moments as he got emotional and choked up as he spoke about the sufferings of the innocent lives in the conflict areas. 

“No human – man, woman or least of all a child,” he paused, as he was holding back tears during his speech at the launching of Kuala Lumpur Business Club Diplomatic Dialogue Series at The St. Regis Hotel, here on Friday night.. 

“Should have to endure the agony and suffering of the refugees and migrants or the affected populations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Nigeria, Sudan or South Sudan,” he continued. 

He added that the security of the people must not be compromised to the interests and security of the state. 

“If the profound carnage on human lives that was wrought during the last two World Wars has failed to teach us a lesson, the carnage and human suffering that we now see in the massive humanitarian crises unfolding in West Asia and Africa should sensitise us to the fact that human security and the dignity of the human person should be at the centre of global security concerns,” he said.