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  • Saturday, 06 Apr 2013

PETALING JAYA: This is the verbatim version of the Barisan Nasional manifesto released by its chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on April 6, 2013.


My fellow Malaysians,

The time has come for us to decide. The path of democracy has determined that the future of this nation lies in your hands as citizens. Power to the people is what free and fair elections are all about.

My late father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein once said, "Your duty to the nation is to fulfill the trust of the people to the best of your ability."

I stepped into the political realm 37 years ago and this is the first time that I will be leading the BN coalition into a general election. It will be an arduous task and a heavy responsibility.

Our founders have always expounded the values of commitment and sacrifice and these same values will guide me as I commit to fulfilling this task and honouring this responsibility.

The record of this Government in delivering on its promises speaks for itself. From economic, political and social transformation, to the upholding of democracy and human rights, we have moved surely and firmly towards a path of greater liberalization. Real changes have taken place, but the journey towards total transformation will take time.

The Vision 2020 policy to achieve developed status by the year 2020 was launched in 1991, and now 22 years later, I am happy to say that with the careful and conscientious policies of the BN Government, we are on track to achieving that.

As we head into this 13th General Election, I, as the leader of BN, humbly seek your mandate to carry on this task of lifting Malaysia to new heights. I seek to lead a Government that puts the interests and the welfare of the people first.

As Prime Minister of Malaysia, this mandate that I seek is about continuity and sustainability against disruption and stagnation, about moving forward versus regressing, about unity, stability, harmony and prosperity versus division, chaos, discord and crisis.

A mandate from you is a promise of hope, a mandate for us to achieve greatness together as one people, one nation, one vision. Allow me to continue serving you to the best of my ability.

I would like to assure you that the best is yet to come!


Malaysia needs a strong & stable government

- We have to safeguard what we have already achieved - We cannot put at risk what we have; we cannot gamble away our future;

- We need a strong government capable of delivering our National Transformation Agenda towards achieving a fully developed, high income nation;

- Serving the People - We believe in social justice and being inclusive, touching and improving the lives of all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

Track record

- We have delivered 55 years of undeniable success - We are a party with a record of solid achievement and fulfilled promises;

- Through this period, the BN-led government has brought progress to all segments of Malaysian society;

- We will continue to build on this track record - Now is not the time for risks. Do not experiment with our future;

- We deliver - BN is always striving to improve and the last four years have seen us making huge strides in improving our delivery system and level of productivity.


- We are experienced in managing a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural society - Ours is the politics of unity;

- We have proven our ability in facing challenges and overcoming adversity - Time and again, we have come through crises stronger and wiser;

- We are a dynamic coalition - We adapt to changing landscapes but we never sacrifice on our principles.

Movement In Moderation

- We practice an effective power sharing formula - we abhor the politics of hatred and division;

- We respect and accept religious and racial diversity - We build bridges; we do not erect walls;

- We oppose the exploitation of race and religion for political expediency - In unity there is strength, in division there can only be disaster;

Time tested power-sharing coalition;

- We are a tested multi-party coalition - After 55 years, it still represents all the peoples of all the states of Malaysia;

- We believe in continuity - Leaders have come and gone, but the coalition has remained intact;

- We practice the politics of consensus & inclusiveness - All views are considered, all voices are heard.

Committed to your ideals

- Sharing your hopes and aspirations - Striving to make them a reality for all;

- Empowering our people - A managed transition towards a modern, democratic and progressive society under-pinning our strong commitment towards safeguarding human rights & the environment;

- Our Promise of Hope - Bringing the country and her people to a new level of excellence and service predicated by the concept of People First, Performance Now!




Our on-going efforts to provide basic goods, services and necessities at lower prices are evident in our 1Malaysia products such as Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia, Klinik 1Malaysia and Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia.

In Sabah and Sarawak, the Price Uniformity Scheme, transport subsidies and KR1M have all helped reduce prices of goods sold there. The National Agro-Food Policy has been introduced to ensure a secure and affordably priced supply of basic foods.

For the entire populace, schooling aid of RM100 per child and the RM250 1Malaysia Book Voucher scheme help alleviate expenditure, while the BR1M assistance for households earning below RM3,000 and singles earning below RM2,000, has provided much welcome relief.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Gradually increasing BR1M up to RM1,200 for households and RM600 for singles while maintaining it on an annual basis;

- Increasing 1Malaysia Book Vouchers to RM300 & Schooling Aid to RM150;

- Revamping the National Automative Policy to gradually reduce car prices by 20-30% & increasing the competitiveness of our national cars;

- Increasing the number of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia;

- Introducing 1Malaysia products in petrol stations and hypermarkets;

- Opening Klinik 1Malaysia in high density housing communities;

- Setting up more 1Malaysia Daycare Centres for working parents;

- Lowering broadband fees by at least 20% with guaranteed bandwidth;

- Introducing a 1Country 1Price policy for essential goods;

- Introducing more 1Malaysia products driven by GLCs and the private sector;

Thus far, we have:

- Allocated RM6.4 billion in 2012-2013 for BR1M, 1Malaysia Book Vouchers & Schooling Aid;

- Spent RM586 million in the last two years for the Price Uniformity Scheme to bring equally priced basic items to Sabah and Sarawak;

- Opened 85 KR1M throughout the country;

- Opened four new paddy granaries with a combined acreage of 19,000 hectares;

- Spent RM134.8 billion since 2010 on various subsidies such as rice, flour, sugar, fuel & energy, and educational assistance & social welfare;

- Allocated RM150 million to establish 100 1Malaysia Internet Centres in the cities for the benefit of the urban poor;

- Undertaken a subsidy rationalisation initiative to ensure that subsidies are enjoyed only by targeted groups that truly need them;

- Introduced RM10,000 launching grants and tax breaks for the setting up of early childhood education & daycare centres;

"The prosperity of the nation and the well being of the rakyat is our ultimate objective."


Today, more than 70% of Malaysia's population reside in urban areas. The BN Government has already begun, and will enhance, efforts to bring about major structural changes to reflect prevailing population patterns.

More efforts will be taken to ensure that urban centres develop in a systematic and well planned manner aimed at maintaining the quality of life for those living there.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Restructuring the Government, including setting up a new Ministry, to reflect the pronounced urban shift in the country's demographic pattern and address urban economic & social challenges;

- Increasing representation of members of NGOs and civil society in local government;

- Rehabilitating low cost houses and flats in the cities;

- Undertaking the maintenance of public housing infrastructure;

- Providing quality public housing catering specifically for the younger generation of job seekers;

- Providing recreational areas and facilities to enhance the quality of life in urban centres;

- Ensuring sufficient educational, training and health services & facilities;

- Improving the transportation links between urban centres and their outlying areas;

- Opening more Anjung Singgah shelters (temporary shelters for the homeless) in high demand areas;

Thus far, we have:

- Set up 3 Anjung Singgah centres to provide temporary shelter, food and job counseling & referrals to the urban destitute;

- Committed to another 6 Anjung Singgah centres in city areas;

- Increased the allocation for the 1Malaysia Maintenance Fund by RM40 million in 2013;

- Implemented the Urban Transformation Centres (UTCs) to ensure seamless private & public services in KL, Melaka & Ipoh;

- Committed to another 6 UTCs in Alor Setar, Kuantan, Ipoh, JB, KK & Kuching;

- Initiated a Group Insurance Scheme for hawkers and small business owners;

"We must rebalance the government's capacity so that besides emphasising on the rural agenda, we must endeavour to improve the wellbeing of the urban community so that we also struggle for urban prosperity.


The BN Government's policies through the years have ensured the steady supply of all types of housing for the people. The last five years have seen an increase in affordable housing projects to ensure continued supply.

Apart from new homes, units that are in need of upgrade and repair are also being addressed with the setting up of a RM500 million fund while a further RM200 million has been set aside to rehabilitate the homes of fishermen throughout the country.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Building 1,000,000 affordable homes - driven by public & private sectors - including 500,000 PR1MA houses;

- Pricing PR1MA houses at least 20% below market prices;

- Introducing a lease & own scheme for Government housing projects;

- Reviving abandoned housing projects to safeguard homebuyers;

- Taking over the maintenance and upkeep of all Public Housing Projects;

- Assisting poor & lower income home owners to rehabilitate their houses;

- Replacing squatter settlements with secure & permanent housing;

- Improving housing in estates and providing houses for former estate workers through Government-Estate partnership;

- Abolishing stamping fees for first home purchases priced below RM400,000;

Thus far, we have:

- Committed to build 23,000 low and medium-priced apartments, Rumah Mesra Rakyat and Rumah Mampu Milik in 2013;

- Allocated RM543 million for 45 projects under the Rakyat Housing Programmes for the construction of 20,500 units;

- Revived 126 abandoned housing projects involving 30,000 units;

- Provided RM307 million in 2012-2013 to revive abandoned housing projects;

- Provided a facilitation fund of RM1.2 billion to PR1MA to build 80,000 houses in high demand locations in 2013;

- Given a 50% stamp duty exemption on transfer and loan agreements for first property purchases of up to RM400,000.

"The Government is committed in ensuring that the rakyat has the opportunity to own a house. This is not only an economic imperative, but also a moral imperative for a responsible Government."


The Government subsidises 90% of all healthcare services to ensure access to quality treatment at the cheapest rates. Klinik 1Malaysia has expanded the network of outpatient treatment centres and the Government is also upgrading clinics in both rural and urban areas nationwide.

In order to address the country's evolving health services needs, more attention has been directed towards introducing affordable and wide-spread care for those suffering from lifestyle diseases and terminal illnesses.

Special attention must also be given to the care of an aging population and those with special needs as diagnostic methods and services continue to improve.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Developing a national system that will provide every Malaysian with access to quality healthcare;

- Establishing a Heart Centre & Cancer Centre in major hospitals in every zone - North, South, East & West Peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak;

- Providing public facilities for dialysis treatment in every high-density area;

- Introducing a card carrying system for Malaysians with special needs to provide for discounted prices of specific medications;

- Introducing a support system for palliative home care for the aged & terminally ill;

Thus far, we have:

- Allocated RM66.1billion for healthcare services from 2010-2013;

- Committed to upgrading 350 Government clinics and opening another 70 Klinik 1Malaysia in addition to the 175 as at end 2012;

- Established facilities for cholesterol and urine tests at Klinik 1Malaysia;

- Allocated funds for 150 dialysis machines in Government haemodialysis centres across the country;

- Introduced methadone replacement & needle exchange programmes resulting in the halving of new HIV cases since 2005.

"The Malaysian healthcare system will be transformed into a more efficient and effective system in ensuring universal access to healthcare"


No matter how fast we build, there will never be enough roads to cater for the number of vehicles. Good and reliable public transportation is therefore imperative.

The BN Government has established the LRT, Monorail and Commuter systems and expanded public bus services to cater to a growing need for public transport.

The expansion of LRT and Commuter lines will eventually see a combined total of 34km of new tracks and 13 new stations to serve the Kelana Jaya and Ampang areas.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Expanding the Rapid Bus System to every state capital, complete with facilities for the aged and the disabled;

- The continued expansion of the MRT, LRT & Commuter rail systems;

- Building Integrated Bus, Rail & Taxi Terminals in all towns and cities;

- Re-routing bus routes to ensure more efficient and accessible services for the rakyat;

- Increasing individual taxi permits;

- Implementing the national high speed rail network & expanding the double tracking railway system.

Thus far, we have:

- Initiated the high speed rail link between KL & Singapore;

- Initiated the MRT project which will be integrated with the LRT, Komuter, Monorail and city bus networks;

- Expanded high quality bus transport services through RapidKL, RapidPenang & RapidKuantan;

- Provided access to soft loans for intercity, mini and school bus operators through the RM150 million Public Transport Fund at SME Bank;

- Injected 478 new buses into RapidKL and introduced six Bus Expressway Transit routes to significantly reduce travel time on public buses.

"It is my belief that among issues that will impact most on the rakyat's well being is the improvement in quality and access in our public transportation"


The BN Government is continuously upgrading our infrastructure to ensure the continued and efficient growth of the economy and productivity. Infrastructure development also opens up new growth areas leading to the fairer distribution of wealth and development and more employment and business opportunities at all levels.

For the benefit of the rural community, we have built thousands of kilometers of roads, dug thousands of kilometers of water pipes, erected thousands of electricity poles and laid thousands of kilometers of communication lines in the interior and rural areas.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- The rapid expansion of the North-South Expressway with more lanes and exit points;

- Building a 2,300km Pan Borneo Highway stretching from Sematan, Sarawak to Serudung, Sabah;

- Extending the East Coast Highway from Kuala Krai - Kota Bahru & Gambang - Segamat;

- Constructing a new West Coast Highway from Banting- Taiping;

- The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls;

- Implementing the 21st Century Village concept to spur rural transformation and bring the rural community into the mainstream of development;

- Building another 6,300km of paved roads in Peninsula Malaysia, 2,500km in Sabah and 2,800km in Sarawak to benefit an estimated 3.3 million people;

- Solving the treated water supply problem in Selangor, WP & Kelantan;

- Extending the supply of clean water to another 320,000 homes throughout the country;

- Expanding electricity supply to another 6,000 homes in the Peninsula, 60,000 in Sabah and 80,000 in Sarawak;

- Compelling service providers to ensure quality mobile phone services & reliable wireless access coverage throughout the country.

Thus far, we have:

- Abolished tolls at Jalan Kuching, Kajang & Cheras;

- Reduced toll rates at Petaling Jaya Selatan 2 plaza on the New Pantai Expressway and at the Sunway & Kemuning plazas on the Kesas Expressway;

- Imposed a 5-year freeze on toll rates at the NSE, NSE Central Link, Linkedua, Butterworth-Kulim Expressway, KL-Karak Expressway & the East Coast Expressway Phase One;

- Allocated RM18.7 billion in 2010-2013 for rural infrastructure development;

- Committed to build 441 km of rural and village link roads in 2013 to benefit 220,000 villagers;

- Expanded water supply to 24,000 houses and electricity supply to 19,000 houses in 2013;

- Introduced the Rural Transformation Programme to ensure that equal emphasis is given to development in the rural areas;

- Set up the Rural Transformation Centre in Gopeng, Perak and Wakaf Che Yeh, Kelantan to provide integrated business services.

"It is the responsibility of the Government to change the lives of the people in the rural areas so that we can provide a balanced development for all"


Despite economic upheaval in many parts of the world, Malaysia managed to cushion the impact of the global economic slowdown and sustained its economic growth. This did not happen by chance but through careful and strategic planning initiated by the BN Government and supported by the people.

We are committed to further improving Malaysia's competitive position in global rankings.

A high income economy, driven by various transformation initiatives including emphasis on innovation and creativity, and based on fair & equitable distribution that is inclusive & sustainable, will see Malaysia reaching developed status come 2020.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Attracting RM1.3 trillion worth of investments and creating 3.3 million new jobs, of which 2 million will be in high income sectors;

- Building towards achieving per capita income of USD15,000 (RM45,000) by 2020;

- Providing special incentives for innovative & creative ventures to generate more wealth and jobs;

- Implementing policies that are fair and equitable to all races in Malaysia including pro-growth policies, greater participation of the private sector & development of the capital market;

- Enhancing the effectiveness of the Bumiputra agenda, including Bumiputras in Sabah & Sarawak, by providing business opportunities, a stronger eco-system (e.g. training & credit facilities) and institutional support;

- Working with state Governments to allocate more land & increase productivity of existing land to enhance food & livestock production;

- Reforming the existing tax structure towards a more broad-based tax system and gradually reducing personal and corporate tax;

- Continuing special cash payments and development & operational funding exceeding 20% of oil and gas revenue to Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Kelantan & Pahang;

- Implementing a plan for the transformation of SMEs and establishing a National Trading Company to source overseas markets for SME products;

- Creating & promoting more global and regional champions;

- Ensuring GLCs continue to develop entrepreneurs by divesting non-strategic GLCs and increasing outsourcing programmes for Bumiputra companies;

- Providing RM500 million in seed funding to increase the equity of the Indian Community to at least 3 percent;

- Setting up a Special Unit to ensure the successful implementation of policies for the upliftment of the Indian community;

- Increasing access to micro credit for all Malaysians, including RM100 million for hawkers & petty traders.

Thus far, we have:

- Established the Domestic Investment Strategic Fund worth RM1 billion to leverage outsourcing activities and acquisitions of technology by Malaysian companies;

- Provided soft loans of up to RM25,000 for licensees and RM500,000 for licensors to hawkers and small businesses;

- Facilitated funding for SMEs through a RM1 billion fund managed by the SME Bank;

- Established TERAJU as a one-stop unit to monitor & implement the Bumiputra agenda;

- Initiated a "carve-out & compete" policy for all projects above RM500 million for Bumiputra companies;

- Provided RM2 billion from 2008-2013 to TEKUN for small scale entrepreneurs, inclusive of RM50 million for the Indian community in 2013 alone;

- Established Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia which has provided micro credit facilities of up to RM8 billion for mainly women small scale entrepreneurs;

- Begun a review of the Bankruptcy Law towards allowing those declared bankrupt and those blacklisted, a second chance;

- Provided an extra RM600 million in 2013 for Bumiputra business community development.

"It is clear Malaysia's development success story was not crafted in the boardrooms of is the result of hard work of all Malaysians regardless of race, beliefs, gender or socio-economic status."


Malaysia provides free primary and secondary education for all. Pre-school education has been expanded with an additional 1,700 classes and enrolment has reached 72 percent. A National Education Blueprint (2013-2025) has been drawn up to put Malaysia on the path towards achieving quality education.

The BN Government's policy on higher education has continued to stress on producing high calibre and employable graduates. Access to attaining a higher education and skills & vocational training will increase, as will the financial means to achieving this.

We will continue efforts to upgrade the teaching profession into a profession of choice by implementing a policy that rewards high performers not only through better remuneration but also through fast-track promotions.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Bringing Malaysia into the "top third category" of the best education systems in the world by improving the quality of national schools;

- Improving the command of Bahasa Malaysia and English among students from the pre-school level, and making English a compulsory SPM pass subject in all schools;

- Improving access to quality education for the rural & minority communities, especially in Sabah & Sarawak;

- Providing more merit-based scholarships, with special provisions for disadvantaged communities;

- Continuing special allocations to all types of schools including SKs, SJKCs, SJKTs, Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan, MRSM, Sekolah Berasramah Penuh & Mission Schools;

- Expanding Single Session Schooling;

- Revamping Teacher Training Colleges & raising the qualification bar for trainee teachers;

- Introducing a simplified teaching & learning system for BM in Chinese and Tamil schools;

- Building more schools of all types in areas of high demand;

- Enhancing performance in Mathematics & Science, and developing higher order thinking skills in students;

- Providing financial incentives of RM100,000 per annum for schools with classes for Special Needs children;

- Converting SJKTs that wish to change status, into fully aided schools;

- Setting up ICT labs in all schools that require them;

- Transforming vocational schools into colleges & increasing enrolment to 20% of the student population;

- Expanding pre-school education to cover all types of schools;

- Providing new career pathways to allow performance-based fast tracking promotion of 420,000 teachers;

- Providing free & guaranteed Broadband WIFI on all campuses of public institutions

- Introducing a laptop ownership scheme in schools bundled with Internet access.

Thus far, we have:

- Allocated RM2 billion from 2012-2013 to upgrade and improve all schools including SKs, SJKCs, SJKTs, Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan, MRSM, Sekolah Berasramah Penuh & Mission Schools;

- Provided RM500 million in 2013 to enhance teacher training & introduced fast-track performance-based promotion for teachers;

- Introduced the upscaling of 70,000 English language teachers with 14,000 trained in 2013 alone;

- Restructured the Ministry to provide more administrative assistance to all schools to ease the burden of teachers;

- Embarked on a pilot project for specialist pre-schools for those with learning disabilities;

- Provided RM3.7 billion to train students in technical and vocational skills;

- Allocated RM1.7 billion to upgrade facilities at Industrial Training Centres & National Youth Vocational Institutes (IKBN) from 2010-2013;

- Established a Graduate Employment Blueprint and Graduate Employability Taskforce to assist graduates in finding employment;

- Allocated RM2.6 billion for per capita grants, Hostel Meal Assistance Programme, Food Supplement Programme, purchase of text books and financial assistance for children from low income families.

"The Government is aware that investment in education and training is a pre-requisite for prosperity of the country and well being of the rakyat"


The BN Government will do everything in its power to provide the people with a comfortable sense of security. Our efforts have paid off with marked reductions in the national crime index and overall street crime between 2009 and 2012. Despite this, we realise that much more needs to be done, including boosting community policing, to keep our families, homes & streets safe and secure.

The recent incursion by armed intruders into the state of Sabah has jolted all Malaysians into realizing that the peace and security we have enjoyed for so many years can never be taken for granted. We pay tribute to the security personnel who sacrificed their lives for the country as we look to ways to better secure our borders.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Boosting PDRM Omnipresence, with additional 4,000 police personnel per year;

- Lighting up our streets, alleys and lanes to further reduce street crime;

- Strengthening the PDRM Motorcycle Patrol Unit by 5,000 vehicles;

- Upgrading the welfare, professionalism & capability of the Police, Armed Forces & the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency;

- Enhancing the total capability of the Armed Forces to deal with any form of incursion & external threat;

- Maintaining & strengthening the Police Commission;

- Using the 6P system to curb the influx of illegal foreigners;

- Creating the SafeCam Programme to link up private and public CCTV systems;

- The extensive expansion of CCTV monitoring for high traffic public areas such as car parks, recreational areas, night markets and schools;

- Introducing security initiatives in public housing schemes;

- Enrolling an additional 50,000 Police Volunteer Reserves to assist PDRM in patrolling and keeping our streets safe.

Thus far, we have:

- Proclaimed the Eastern Sabah Safety Zone involving 10 districts and the deployment of 5 additional battalions from the Army & General Operations Force plus the construction of additional police stations;

- Activated the Eastern Sabah Security Command in Lahad Datu;

- Abolished the ISA, Restricted Residence Act & 3 Emergency Proclamations and replaced them with the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012;

- Enacted the Peaceful Assembly Act & a new Rela Act;

- Provided RM6 million to increase police personnel and install CCTV cameras in 25 local authority jurisdictions nationwide;

- Increased the Police Volunteer Reserve Corp in terms of numbers, skills training and professionalism;

- Embarked on collaborative strategies with the Armed Forces to put more security personnel on the streets;

- Introduced the bio-metric system for foreigners at all points of entry;

- Launched the 1,000-unit PDRM Motorcycle Patrol Unit.

"We must make our contribution in fighting crime, because it is our common responsibility."


The BN Government's policies through the years have provided women with the choice of being at the forefront of business and innovation without giving up on their natural instincts as homemakers.

But we must desire to do more. From administrative posts to corporate hierarchy, efforts have been, and will continue to be taken to ensure that women have equal say in the decision making process. We must also improve efforts to eradicate sexual harassment and provide women with a more secure sense of being.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Increasing the number of women participating in national decision making;

- Promoting gender equality to maximize the potential of Malaysians in all fields, regardless of gender;

- Providing more business & income generating opportunities for women to provide them a greater sense of independence;

- Creating more incentives for work-from-home initiatives, with greater emphasis on single mothers;

- Opening 1Malaysia Daycare centres in all GLCs and Government offices and encouraging the private sector to do the same;

- Tightening laws to prevent incidents of sexual abuse and harassment in homes and in the workplace.

Thus far, we have:

- Passed The Code Of Practice On The Prevention And Eradication Of Sexual Harassment In The Work Place;

- Passed guidelines on sexual harassment in the workplaces of the Civil Service;

- Extended maternity leave for women in the public sector to 90 days;

- Implemented a policy to ensure women's participation in corporate decision making by encouraging the appointment of women to 30% of top corporate positions;

- Announced the appointment of at least one woman to all GLC Boards of Directors;

- Introduced the Single Mothers Skills Incubator Programme (I-KIT) to provide entrepreneurial skills training to single mothers;

- Established the Get Malaysian Business Online (GMBO) with an allocation of RM50 million to help women entrepreneurs increase online sales of their products;

- Provided free mammogram examinations for women & HPV immunization for teenage girls;

"Women play an important role in raising happy families as well as contributing towards economic development."


Our youth today make up two thirds of the population and their voices cannot and must not be ignored. We will continue to provide the platform for our youth to showcase their talents and thoughts, articulate their dreams and desires, to fulfill their wishes and aspirations, and to create Global and Regional Champions.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Providing funding, training and incentives for youth-centric commercial ventures;

- Providing commercial space within shopping complexes one day in every month for youths to exhibit & market their creative products & services;

- Establishing incubators to nurture quality leadership and creativity;

- Creating a more resilient youth through active volunteerism in 1M4U;

- Providing more free WIFI hotspots, with particular emphasis on rural and semi-urban areas;

- Producing more high performance athletes at regional and international levels & promoting a more healthy lifestyle;

- Revisiting laws pertaining to entertainment for the promotion of performing arts & culture.

Thus far, we have:

- Set up a New Entrepreneur Foundation (NEF) for ICT initiatives with an allocation of RM50 million;

- Set up a RM200 million Strategic Action for Youth (SAY 1Malaysia) Fund to provide skills training for youth who have fallen out of the mainstream of development;

- Allocated RM50 million to prepare our young sportsmen and sportswomen to compete in international sporting meets;

- Introduced a RM200 million MyCreative Venture Capital fund to harvest new and innovative ideas;

- Established the RM130 million Dre1M fund to support volunteer activities amongst the youth.

"When we pass on the torch to the younger generation, we must leave a nation which is stronger and more prosperous."


From the physically & mentally handicapped to the aged & marginalised, it is the Government's responsibility to provide disadvantaged groups with their basic needs and ensure their comfort and ease of living. The BN Government has always subscribed to a welfare system that caters to all sections of the community regardless of creed or colour.

Our policies expand to both rural and urban pockets of the disadvantaged. We are aware that assistance and contributions from NGOs and other Malaysians are essential and necessary for these efforts to be more impactful.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Streamlining & improving safety net assistance through a unified database system;

- Providing financial assistance & educational opportunities for lower income earners irrespective of race;

- Turning Brickfields into a blind friendly zone to serve as a model for future zones throughout the country catering to other sections of the disabled;

- Setting up special courts with the same status as High Courts under the present justice system, whereby Judges will be assisted by assessors chosen from among community heads, to deal specifically with NCR issues;

- Gazetting all native customary land in close consultation with State Governments;

- Providing more income generating opportunities within indigenous communities & increasing the intake of indigenous youth into tertiary & vocational education;

- Providing funds for registered NGOs & Civil Society Movements.

Thus far, we have:

- Introduced KAR1SMA whereby RM3.67 billion has been allocated from 2010-2013 to provide assistance to the elderly, children and disabled workers as well as those with chronic diseases;

- Increased monthly safety net assistance from RM80-RM300;

- Introduced 1AZAM with an initial funding of RM400 million to provide opportunities for the low income group to generate more income;

- Presented a one-off payment of RM1,000 to Armed Forces veterans;

- Allocated RM138 million to provide facilities & employment opportunities for the Orang Asli in 2013.

"We have people who are in need of help. If there is no government intervention...they will be sidelined."


Malaysia is recognised as a country that celebrates its diversity in unity, with the Government acting as enabler of religious practices. Our success as a Muslim nation is recognized by our status as the leading initiator and practitioner of Islamic banking and insurance systems.

While upholding Islam as the religion of the Federation, the freedom of non-Muslims to practice their faith is guaranteed, facilitated and enshrined in the Constitution. We will continue the work of the Inter-Religious Harmony Committee to promote not just tolerance, but acceptance of our multi-religious culture.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Upholding Islam as the religion of the Federation & promoting the Syiar & Syariat of Islam in accordance with the principles of Maqasid Syariah;

- Ensuring that other religions can be practiced in peace and harmony;

- Assigning jurisdiction over non-Muslim matters to a Minister in the PM's Department;

- Promoting the principles of moderation (wasatiyyah) in all undertakings;

- Increasing initiatives in uniting the ummah;

- Unlocking income from developing wakaf land in cooperation with State Religious Authorities;

- Increasing tax exemptions for contributions to the construction, expansion and upkeep of places of worship;

- The continuance of allocating land for the building of places of worship;

- Providing more financial assistance to registered religious institutions & places of worship;

- Promoting the welfare of Imam, mosque officials & Guru-Guru Kafa by providing service-based salaries & increments;

- Upgrading the quality of Sekolah Agama Rakyat and allowing their students access to quality education & Government education infrastructure;

- Providing financial assistance to Sekolah Agama Rakyat & Sekolah Pondok.

Thus far, we have:

- Achieved global recognition of our religious harmony;

- Recognised religious celebrations as national events & holidays;

- Established Tabung Haji as a model for the most efficiently managed Haj body;

- Achieved international recognition as a model developed Muslim nation and a contributor of ideas to other Muslim countries;

- Gained recognition as the world leader in Islamic financial & capital markets, Islamic education and as international halal hub;

- Provided financial assistance to various religious bodies for the building of houses of worship;

- Initiated inter-religious discussions for continued harmony;

- Established diplomatic ties with the Vatican.

"As Malaysians, we must take a stand that if any race or religion is hurt, then the whole community has been hurt."


Fighting and eradicating corruption has been and continues to be, one of the Government's highest priority. While much has been done over the years to strengthen the agencies fighting and prosecuting cases of corruption, we are committed to doing much more to combat the scourge and improve rankings on corruption.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- The public disclosure of contracts to enhance transparency in Government procurement;

- Empowering MACC through the establishment of a Service Commission whereby the power of recruitment and service matters will lie entirely with the Commission;

- Elevating the Head & Senior Officers of the MACC to a higher level;

- Giving equal emphasis on investigations into, and action taken against, bribe givers and receivers;

- Fast tracking access to the Auditor-General's Performance Audit Report for immediate action;

- Establishing additional special corruption Sessions and High Courts;

- Implementing integrity pacts for MPs and State Assemblymen.

Thus far, we have:

- Established integrity pacts with business communities to inculcate an anti-corruption attitude;

- Implemented the signing of integrity pacts by candidates running in General Elections;

- Increased allocation for MACC to expand in both personnel and activities;

- Set up 14 special corruption courts throughout the country;

- Tightened Government procurement measures to reduce the incidence of corruption;

- Made MACC answerable to an Independent Parliamentary Committee.

"Today...fighting corrupt acts... includes criminalizing the proceeds of the crime of corruption and bringing to book corruptors, swiftly."


Malaysia owes a large part of her growth and development to the contributions of the civil service. They are the backbone of our economic development, they protect our borders and uphold law and order, they medicate and nurse us and they teach and guide our children.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Introducing the Transformative Salary Scheme for civil servants, including reviewing allowances and providing a special salary movement of 3% to those on maximum salary, in the event there is no salary review;

- Improving the civil service scheme to include more opportunities for promotion and development of talent & ensuring the quality of their general well-being;

- Extending the tenure of contract officers & appointing those who are competent on a permanent basis;

- Expanding Urban Transformation Centres to all major cities and towns;

- "Merakyatkan Perkhidmatan Awam" to ensure excellent service delivery;

- Mobilizing & empowering the civil service, including Local Governments & District Offices, to fulfill the demands, interests & concerns of the rakyat;

- Improving counter services through the appointment of multi-racial frontliners and expanding on-line services for payments & applications;

- Introducing recruitment programmes to ensure a fair mix of all races in the Civil Service and GLCs at all levels;

- Enhancing the potential, capacity & capability of all civil servants regardless of race and gender;

- Giving special attention to OKU to harness their full potential & capacity.

Thus far, we have:

- Introduced an upgraded remuneration scheme for civil servants including overall salary increment and other new initiatives totaling RM2 billion;

- Provided 3 additional annual increments after the maximum salary on the salary schedule effective 1 January 2013;

- Upgraded the levels of policemen and military personnel on a par with the rest of the civil service to provide for higher salary grades;

- Committed to providing an additional salary increment based on the current rate of annual increment according to grades effective 1 July 2013;

- Introduced a Group Insurance Coverage Scheme for serving armed forces and police personnel with an allocation of RM12 million;

- Provided annual housing loans of up to RM6 billion for civil servants;

- Implemented an annual pension increment of 2%.

"In providing excellent services, civil servants must adopt a culture of productivity, creativity and innovation...that will trigger a new paradigm and improve the rakyat's confidence in a more effective, efficient and responsive public service."


Malaysia holds firm to its status as a respected and model moderate & progressive Muslim country. As an independent nation, we will continue to advocate the agenda for global peace & prosperity through moderation, thus diminishing the influence of extremists to cause damage to international peace, cultural understanding and interfaith harmony. And, as we have shown time and again, we are committed to putting our words into action for enduring and just peace.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Fighting for the establishment of a Palestinian state;

- Supporting the realisation of ASEAN as an economic community by 2015;

- Vying for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council in order to play a prominent role in regional peace & international security through our policy of moderation;

- Enhancing economic & bilateral interests with major trading partners and emerging economies;

- Formulating Foreign Policy which supports our strategic political, economic & security interests;

- Taking the lead in fighting trans-national crimes such as human & drug trafficking;

- Spearheading humanitarian outreach programmes in conflict areas such as Gaza, the West Bank, Southern Thailand, Mindanao & elsewhere.

Thus far, we have:

- Gained recognition and endorsement from ASEM, CHOGM, and ASEAN for the Global Movement of Moderates;

- Proven our commitment to the Palestinian cause through our humanitarian programmes;

- Brokered the signing of the Framework Agreement between the Philippine Government and the MILF;

- Assisted the Thai Government in stabilizing security & improving socio-economic development through bilateral cooperation;

- Set up the China Xiamen university and launched the Malaysia-China-Kuantan Industrial Park;

- Signed the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) with India involving total trade of USD15 billion.

"The real divide is not between Muslims and non-Muslims, or between the developed and developing worlds, it is between moderates and extremists."


Apart from our natural resources, which have been the engine of economic growth for decades, this country is also blessed with abundant water supply and endless days of sunshine. We have numerous rivers and miles of coast that flourish with all sorts of marine life.

We need to protect these gifts from nature, while improvising on ways and means to harness their natural energy. We will continue our efforts to clean up our rivers and waterways, while preserving our rainforests for the benefit of generations to come.

In the next FIVE years, we commit to:

- Giving financial incentives to commercial & private premises which invest in renewable green energy resources such as biomass and solar;

- Allocating more space for green lungs within major cities;

- Revitalising rivers & streams via increased allocations and enactment of stricter laws and by-laws, and via special UNDP & River of Life programmes;

- Increasing educational programmes to inculcate appreciation of the environment;

- Preserving our forests & undertaking re-forestation programmes;

- Enacting stricter and updated laws to prevent illegal activities of deforestation of vital and strategic conservation areas;

- Employing green & latest state of the art technology in waste disposal & management;

Thus far, we have:

- Introduced the RM500 million River of Life project to transform Klang River into a vibrant and livable waterfront with high economic value;

- Set up the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation towards the research and development of renewable energy and energy efficiency;

- Established the Green Technology Financing Scheme worth RM3.5 billion to provide soft loans to companies which contribute to the production and utilization of green technology-based products;

- Enacted The Renewable Energy Act 2011 as a commitment to voluntary reduction of up to 40% in terms of emissions intensity of GDP by the year 2020.

"This is not an option but a reality that all nations must face up to. Only those who master the application of green technology and sustainable energy will be the winner in the 21st Century."


"In our national discourse and in pursuing our national agenda, we must never leave anyone behind. We must reach out to the many who may have been disaffected and left confused by political games, deceit and showmanship...

"We must sow the seeds of goodwill and understanding in every corner of this land, so that we continue to harvest the fruits of progress and prosperity for all Malaysians...

"We recognise that the BN Government is not without fault. But while we have the courage to admit our weaknesses, there are those who are only willing to see the fault in others...

"In its 55 years of rule, the BN Government has recognised that racial unity forms the basis for national stability. But there are those who, for the sake of power, would rather sow seeds of conflict and hate...

"Thus, I urge Malaysians to judge the BN on its merits. Please join my colleagues and me in fulfilling our potential towards developing a country that we can be truly proud of...

"A country where the weak are protected, those in want assisted, the strong protect, the young are loved, the elderly valued, those in need are attended to, and those with potential given opportunities to bloom."

- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

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