Evaporated milk to cost 30 sen more from January

KUALA LUMPUR: Evaporated milk will cost 30 sen more from Jan 1.

The price increase will be for the 400gm and 500gm cans, said Federation of Sundry Goods Merchants’ Association president Lean Hing Chuan.

He said the federation received a notice from the suppliers on the price adjustment.

“Right now, the price of evaporated milk ranges from RM2.40 to RM3.20,” he said, adding that the price adjustment was due to increasing costs.

In April, the price of evaporated milk and sweetened creamer increased by 5 sen. Another increase of 10 sen was announced in October.

Lean did not deny speculation that the price of sweetened creamer would increase by 20 sen next month but said he had yet to receive any notice from the manufacturers.

Malaysia-Singapore Coffeeshop Proprietors’ General Association president Ngo Soo Boon said he believed the price of drinks were likely to be adjusted next year due to the price increase.

“This is not only because of the price increase for evaporated milk. Other costs like wages and rentals have also gone up,” said Ngo yesterday.

“It is a chain reaction following an increase of prices for other items.”

Asked on the margin of increase, Ngo said it would be difficult to predict as the association has affiliated bodies in all states.

However, he said there would not be another round of price increase for milk after Chinese New Year.

“A member in Sarawak said the increase could be up to 50 sen per glass of drink but we have yet to discuss this,” he said.

Federation of Hawkers and Petty Traders Association vice-president Chin Yoke Weng said most traders would be cautious about price increases as it could drive customers away.

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